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General induction - CANCELLED - World is closed


Date: Wednesday 14th March 2007
Time: 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Venue: Schome Park Reception
Min: 5 Max: 12

Organiser: Euphloozie Phlox and Faji Bing

In this session we will get to know each other, have a tour of Schome Park, start to develop your in-world skills (can you walk the plank without falling off?) and try to answer any questions you may have about the project.

Any other info:
Before the inducation session starts make sure you have:


1 Sfasmtawsbasa Schomer
2 Baso Schomer
3 Mirage Schomer
4 Anglaise Schomer
5 PrettyKindOfOrc Schomer
6 Dollopfrog2 schomer
7 Vibia Schomer
8 forlornhope Schomer
9 scalesandskin schomer

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Will SecondLife be up and running on Wednesday?

LindenLabs often take the grid down for maintenance on a Wednesday and this week is no exception.
According to the official Second Life blog:
"We are planning the release of Second Life version 1.13.4 on Wednesday, March 14th 2007 pending final verification of all issues! Second Life will be unavailable from 7am to 12noon PDT (15:00-20:00 GMT) for the update. No new client software will be required."
Another induction session bites the dust.
Thanks to Dollopfrog2 for pointing this out. dollopfrog2-W00T!!!

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