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Research Group Session - Friday 30th March at 8pm
Details Notes from the meeting


SNP Research Group Agenda 07-03-30.jpg


Trixxiee Schomer
Aston Schomer
achilles schomer
TheSchome Ranger (Chair)
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer
Mark Cabaret
Baso Schomer
flio Schomer
Please add your name to this list if you were present

We agreed the following things:

  1. Anyone who wants to help with the research will join the Schome Research Group (How do I join a group?)
  2. We will set up a page in the wiki on which we will sort out the key questions that we want everyone to ask
  3. Then folk will go around interviewing other folk in-world - we will need to have a page in the wiki where we record who has been interviewed (so that we don't all interview the same people!)
  4. Folk will document what they are doing in Schome Park on the wiki - either on their userpage or in The Schome Park bliki
  5. We will tell you about how to get to the first web questionnaire - and you will fill it in (and remind others to do so too)
  6. We will adhere to research ethics - which includes being honest about the data we collect even if we don't like what it says
  7. If there are people who want to do other/additional research about what schome (the education system for the information age) should be like then they should let PeterT/TheSchome Ranger know - and he'll work with them on that