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Be prepared to split your sides! It seems that the staff need to let out their excess energy! If you have any pictures that you want to add, feel free to do so.

Isolated 'incidents'

This section will have all the dancing stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else in.

Vibia decided to dance on the 31st of March
Why was she dancing?
More dancing by Vibia
Apparently, I (Decimus) am evil for putting these up :p

5th April - Trixx and Winter's wedding party

Yes, pics from this will be appearing soon... Though I think Trixx has decided to put the pictures up on Photobucket instead of here...

Images from my wedding are indeed on photobucket (message me if you want the password), but do not fear, I will be putting some on here and the bliki when I have a chance. I'm just busy right now ;-) - Trixxiee Schomer

Right, here are a selection of dancing images from the reception and staff party following the wedding, sorry for the delay. As always, if you want to see more, just contact me. - Trixxiee Schomer

Baso doing a little solo, as usual!
There were lots of people at this party...
...So why are so few of them dancing?
Ah, finally, some dancing!
...And yet again, everyone seems more interested in other things
Did you ever think you would see the Ranger in a dress?
You just did! Twice!

Meeting Two, 30th March - More dance? Save us!

Here are the ones by me (Decimus). And I promise that no more will appear about this meeting from me.

And no, these aren't in chronological order - they've been moved around so I can write a narrative for them... Though the numbers at the end of the image names are in chronological order...

These two were dancing around while I was chilling
Next, these two were dancing
And more of them dancing
And now just TheSchome Ranger
More of TheSchome Ranger dancing
And more...
Then Achilles, ashamedly hiding behind Mirage's wings
And now TheSchome Ranger is hiding
Why does Achilles have those???
And now he's attacking Trixxiee with them!
TheSchome Ranger and Mirage were dancing next
More dancing by him!?
Yes, most of the pics include him... Maybe because he was dancing so much...
Ah, finally, a pic with someone else in...
And a close-up of him...
And again...
Then Achilles looks like he's defending his right to have those things
Looks like he kept it... Though Topper doesn't look impressed... And TheSchome Ranger is just visible at the side of the disco ball
More of the same
Now Topper was dancing oddly...
Another view of TheSchomeRanger after the disco balls appeared
More of Achilles dancing
Now back to TheSchome Ranger and DaisyLou dancing...
And now TheSchome Ranger and Achilles, sans the ball things
And more...
And now it looks like Baso's mutating, while TheSchome Ranger dances on oblivious
For some reason, a red background popped up behind them
A close-up...
...And another
Now just TheSchome Ranger
And now Achilles
And more of Achilles dancing...
Now TheSchomeRanger is trying to get Mirage to dance again...
...Looks like he managed to do so...
...but not for long
All through this, Achilles just kept dancing to himself
...And he was joined by TheSchome Ranger...
...But then he stopped and left TheSchome Ranger dancing on his own...

Here are the next lot by me. These are just a selection of the best. I have several hundred (or so it seems) pictures of people dancing on my computer, so if you want to see them, just contact me - Trixxiee

Here's Achilles letting out some excess energy after the meeting
Hang on! Did I miss something? Where did they come from?
Is it just me, or does Ranger look a little camp?
Ah, seems he's normal again now. Or as normal as he can be.
Now Ranger seems to be hiding behind Daisy. Or maybe she's blocking him?
Ah, here we are, Daisy doing a little solo. And she told me not to take this picture. Honestly...
I promise you, Sid managed to stay in one piece after completing this move
See - now he's doing ballet
And while all this was going on, guess who was lazing around (and no, it wasn't me! Hey! I was taking pics too, you know!--Decimus)

Meeting One, 21st March - A bit of light relief

Here's Fox, doin' her thang!
And again. Dance lessons, anyone?
Some nice, tasteful dancing, to go with Mark's nice, tasteful shirt
Actually, the shirt is growing on me. Shame about the dancing.
Euphloozie's dress seems to be taking over here. I feel sorry for Malone, under there!
This is probably the only time you will ever see TheSchome Ranger dancing!
I lie! Here he is again...
thumb ...and again...
...and again (anyone sense a theme here?)...
...and again (you can look back again now, that's all of them).
And here we have a nice series of Malone dancing...
...and again...
...and again (and now I feel rather repetitive).
What's this, you ask? Oh my goodness, it's actually Trixxiee, dancing. How mortifying!
And here's Trixxiee again. Maybe I'm not such a bad dancer...
And here's Wintermute bustin' a few moves!
I think Woop was the best dancer of them all!
...Or perhaps not...
And finally, Woop and Winter having a little dance

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, because taking them was certainly fun. It just goes to show that people aren't what they seem - they're wierder! - Trixxiee Schomer