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Problem sorted but ...

The registration problem is now sorted - so when you try to log in you should no longer get the 'Cannot connect to simulator' error message.

However, bear in mind that if everybody tries to log in at the same time then they won't be able to - Schome Park (like all the islands in Teen Second Life) can only cope with 40 avatars at one time.

So if you don't get in then keep trying - leaving a gap between attempts ...

If you are still getting the 'Cannot connect to simulator error' then please let us know via the Second Life help discussion board

For help in how to log in go to SNP Joining instructions

What was the problem?

Both the Main Grid and the Teen Grid of Second Life are run by an American company called Linden Lab. They have the power to bring islands into being - to create and delete avatars. Unfortunately

  • they are overloaded with work
  • we can influence them, we can put pressure on them, but we cannot control them.

The Schome Park island is ready and waiting, as you can see from the wiki and the introductory video. The support staff are ready and waiting. The sessions are arranged.

We arranged for you all to be 'batch registered' by Fred - who works closely with Linden Lab. This was due to be done by last Friday evening - and indeed it was done well ahead of schedule. However, there was a problem with with the process which meant that you could not login.

Fred has been working hard to get this resolved. However, the problem is one that can only be sorted by a member of the Linden Lab staff, and they appeared not to be available to work on it until 9am on Monday morning (their time). The time difference doesn't help - Linden Lab are all in bed in the US while we're awake here in the UK, and visa versa.

There is a lot of work going on at this end to get you onto the island - we're really keen to meet you and to get started, and we're just as frustrated as you are.

Login problem sorted ....