Research Skills

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Research Skills

This page is for everyone to use to bring together useful resources, tutorials, help and tips for good approaches to developing and using research skills for Schome projects. Lots of you use different sources of information when you are planning construction projects or investigating topics as part of your Schome work, but how many of you reflect on what you are doing and why.

Good organisation and time management skills are crucial in order to make the best use of your time and to help share your knowledge and expertise with others as part of your skill building.

To start you all off, I have used a social bookmarking service available on the Internet called del.ic.ious. This service lets you tag great resources you find on the net with your own words and lets you share these with your fellow researchers! It's a great way of collaboratively building up resources and material for projects.

If you click on the link here [1]it will get you to some free tutorials available to get you thinking about what information you need, how to organise it, how to evaluate it and how to make sure you write it all up so others can trace it too.

Happy hunting!