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Education Leaders Briefing in London Jan 2009 - European Schoolnet - http://www.europeanschoolnet.org/ww/en/pub/eun/news/news08/3603.htm

People @ the centre of communication and information technologies - http://www.paccit.gla.ac.uk/

Knowledge lab at lancaster - anti-capitalist anarchic - http://www.knowledgelab.org.uk/wiki/Main_Page

Buzan - mindmapping - aiming to 'change the way the world learns - for the better!' http://buzan.org/EN/index.html

Staff-Student Partnership for Assessment Change and Evaluation (SPACE) http://www.space.ac.uk/assess.php

NestaFutureLab, Demos, Becta and Toshiba seminar report on personalisation (and ICT) - http://www.nestafuturelab.org/events/past/demos_intro.htm PeterT 11:19, 16 May 2005 (BST)

http://www.asdan.co.uk/ (been described by somebody - unidentified - as 'Ticking bloody boxes') - but may be a very useful framework for us to build on.

Essential Skills Awards

http://educationnow.gn.apc.org/ Educational Heretics Press and Education Now

http://www.rixcentre.org/ - lots of interesting projects looking at things like 'Personal Passports' (though they don't call them this) - check out The Big Tree link in particular.

http://www.durandus.com/blog/?p=104 an interesting piece re 'standardisation' of education. Lovely quote re education system being a toaster - and no matter what you put in it what you are expected to get out is toast (lots of identical pieces).

http://marshal.co.uk/connect/ a project looking at the use of 'elearning' to support young people who were being tutored at home (were not in school - but not 'home schoolers'). Love the 'Partner's page'!

http://www.medway.gov.uk/index/learning/extracurricula.htm Medway Children's University runs courses for children out of school hours three times per year in areas such as IT, sports, crafts, cookery etc.. Used special version of Sim City for course on urban planning (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/4469189.stm)

http://education.guardian.co.uk/elearning/story/0,10577,1482497,00.html lecturers in Coventry University - download course materials to students' mobile phones and students can listen to lecturese tc (referred to as mlearning.

http://www.marcprensky.com/ links to lots of good stuff on education and games - including lots of info re good 'educational' games.

http://www.whatworks.ed.gov/ What Works Clearinghouse, which describes itself as "a trusted source of scientific evidence of what works in education" set up by the US government. Has 'evidence' realted to Charter Education.

Flash games

Flashvalley - http://www.flashvalley.co.uk does nice solitair, mastermind etc (to buy).

MiniClips - http://www.miniclip.com provides downloadable flash games (but beware cos the first one I tried contained a virus)


http://www.k12handhelds.com/podcasting.php - useful US site - lots of accessible info for those who want to try out podcasting