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The full write up as of 10th May from [|]

Why I sleepy but I cheer bows funkydory ip yippee KrungthepMahanakhonBovornRatakosinMahintharayatthayaMahadilokpopNoparatratchathaniBurirom UdomratchanivetmahasathanAmornpimanAvatarnsathitSakkathattiyavishnukarmprasit (city of angels) why because what who where australia kangaroo panda bamboo boo aarghh! haha uncorrect tis only you combine this wait why

well it appeared that my friend that is colourful aka yellow. said hi then I changed my colour after someone noticed that I was feeling slighty confused.

Nevertheless I jumped lethargically onto captain Jack OBE which luckily did not cause him

END OF PAGE 5. SOMEONE ELSE CONTINUE????????????????????????