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For a discussion of the events see the forum thread:

spARTan Events

Schome Philharmonic Society Concert

Organized by: Athena Schomer and Estella Schomer

For our event, we, the Schome Philharmonic Society and Associates, will give an outdoor concert on one of Schome Park’s grassy knolls. Though we have not yet decided on the full complement of our musical program selections, we currently expect it to cover a wide array of repertoire for violin and double bass, spanning from the late 1500s with Jacques Arcadelt to the early 1900s with Reinhold Gliere. Of course, for whichever pieces we ultimately choose to perform, we will include spoken program notes discussing the history of each as we go along (in the hopes of maybe sparking the Schommunity’s interest in an actual music history class in Schome’s future someday).

As far as our actual performance space goes, we have already built an outdoor stage/acoustical shell, much like those at music festivals in the United States and Europe (Tanglewood, Aspen, Sarasota, Prague, Valtice, Prachatice, etc.), though we will eventually add a functional burgundy curtain for dramatic license, since we don’t need to worry about weathering in second life. Of course, we also plan to provide seating, either rugs as a nod to Pierre Boulez’s “rug concerts” with the 1950s New York Philharmonic, or chairs for simple convenience, to make the event as organized and as efficient as possible.

On the day of the performance, our procedure will be the following:

  • We will call the audience to their seats with intermission bells (prerecorded, like our music)
  • Then, once our friends are seated, we will make opening statements as an introduction
  • After that, we will give a few informative comments about the first piece
  • Then, for the actual playing part, we will use our second life instruments to “play” our prerecorded first piece
  • Finally, we will repeat steps 3 and 4 for the duration of the performance, until we have finished the program
  • We can then hold a short reception following the concert, allowing for questions and answers from those who might be interested

Laser Tag

Organized by: Johnny & Babybrecker91 Schomer

An event/tournament of a sort of LaserTag. There are two teams, everybody on either team has a popgun, one team has red balls shooting out of the popgun, the other team blue balls. Each round lasts three minutes, and there are three rounds. The team with the least collective balls, wins. The tournament will be held in Schome Park Beta, to allow for enough room for any amount of players, and a closed arena.

Moishe Z. Liebowitz Memorial Cathedral

Organized by: Tsuyoshikentsu Schomer

Oi. I'm the angel with the black wings and the gun, if you've seen me.

My building project idea is the Moishe Z. Liebowitz Memorial Cathedral. Due to my lack of time in the next two months, mostly because of AP testing and my large role in Ghetto, I’ve decided on a “rolling building plan.” I intend to finish the basic structure of a simple cathedral rather quickly, with very basic textures and no furniture. From there I will add furniture, improve textures, add building detail in more visible areas like the exterior front, and then in less visible areas such as interior corners.

With the exception of the main cathedral, none of these projects will have an exact target date; they’ll be implemented in rolling releases leading up to May 26th, the opening day. Optimally the opening day would culminate with a universal service of some kind – all religions welcome, that sort of thing – but I realize that there may be problems with this on both ends of the puddle, so I’m open to something as little as just having people look around.

Here are the four things I need most right now. First, if anyone has links to actual cathedral blueprints I could look at for reference, that would be great. Second, I would love recommendations for textures to use, especially for the windows. Third, ideas for a location are much appreciated. Finally, I want to ear everyone's thoughts on the service suggested. I'd prefer to have it be unaffiliated with any religion, sort of like a Unitarian thing, but it may not be possible anyway. Thoughts?

X-Wing Dealership

Organized by: AeroDragonX Schomer and Jethro Schomer

Our project will be a to sell X-Wings to other avatars in Schome Park. Our final product will be an X-wing dealership which we will put in the sky. We plan on selling different colored and textured X-wings and there will be customized X-Wings for those who request it.

This will happen somewhere in the sky above Alpha. Jethro and I will be hosting this.

All X-Wings are free of charge.

Lemonade Stand

Organized by: Ophelia Schomer and Thespian Schomer

Thespian and I want to create a ‘no-charge’ lemonade stand on the beach by the Hawaiian Shirt. This free lemonade will come in several assortments of color and flavor. On the opening day we will also host a picnic supplying checkered blankets for all. Music of all genres will by playing throughout the event. The event will be held on April 28, 2008 at 10:30am Pacific Daylight Time. All are welcome to attend.


Organized by: Zzzzz Schomer and Clownindenial Schomer It will display the winning photos from the photo contest, and photos from such artists as Norman Rockwell. It will have a working jukebox, a dance floor, a bathroom, and a robot that serves milkshakes. It will serve as the main set for our superhero movie trailer, and be a good hang out spot for avatars. We would like to get land either somewhere on schome park alpha, or if no land is availible, just one little tiny piece of land, to put a pole, that goes really high into the sky, on which the diner will stand. We will be learning about American culture of the 50s and 60s. We'd have music from the Beatles, and the Monkeys, and the Beach Boys, and Chuby Checker, and the Doors. Paintings from Norman Rockwell. And we could have current news (of the 50s and 60s). Thats not mentioning that its the set for the greatest super hero movie trailer ever!

Schome Documentary Video

Organized by: Gremlin Schomer and Koah Schomer For our project in Schome Park, my partner Ethan and I are planning on interviewing all avatars on what they're creating for their project. By doing so, we are going to record ourselves using a program, iShowmovie, roaming around Schome Park, asking questions on people's work and getting the inside scoop! Our project will be very fun, interesting, and most importantly, different. When each project is done, the audience will only view not only the creation but the effort behind it. We are the only group allowing the audience take a look behind the scenes!

The Sasquatch wedding

Organized by: Silvermist & Qwin Schomer Our goal is to have a beach side weeding. In order to do this, we will invite our friends to join us near the Hawaiian Shirt for some fun under the sun. In order to keep our wedding traditional, we have arranged on making wedding dresses for us to wear. We are planning on creating a chuppa, used by many Jews during the ceremony. We will say our own vows and after, we will celebrate our marriage with dancing, cake, and refreshments.