Moving around in Second Life

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There are several ways of moving around in Second Life. Experiment with them all until you find the one that suits you best:

Using the arrow keys

You can use the arrow keys on your keypad to control where you walk

  • Up arrow to walk forward
  • Down arrow to walk backwards
  • Left arrow to turn to your left
  • Right arrow to turn to your right
  • Press and hold E or PgUp to fly up. Once you are airborn you can use the direction arrows to control where you go.
  • Press and hold C or PgDn to reurn to earth.

Using the Movement Controls

This uses the mouse or a touchpad and some movement arrows overlaid on your screen. To display the movement controls:

  • In the menu bar along the top of the screen, select View.
  • From the drop-down list, select Movement Controls.

The movement controls will be overlaid onto your screen. To move around click and hold on the little arrows: up to go forwards, left to go left, bendy left to turn around to your left etc.

Movement Controls in Second Life

To fly, click the fly button.

  • To go higher, in the movement controls, click the dashed up arrow.
  • To descend, in the movement controls, click the dashed down arrow.
  • To land, in the bottom menu bar, select Stop Flying.

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Getting around quickly

There are a couple of ways to speed up your movements around the place

Flying places

  • Flying places gets you there faster and you don't have to navigate around objects. You also get a nice view from above.

Right-click and Select Go Here

  • Alternatively you can right-click where you want to be. A circular dialogue displays. Select Go To. This starts up an autopilot which walks your avatar over to where you want to be. Sometimes if you right-click, there may be an object which will display its properties so try to right-click clear areas.

Alternatively try sitting on the object that you want to be near to.

Sitting on things

Another fast way to get somewhere is to mouse over an object near where you want to be, right-click it and, from the circular menu, select Sit here.

Sit Here control

This can be particularly useful if you want your avatar to join a group of other avatars quite a way away. It doesn't always work, mind you. Sometimes an object is unsuitable for sitting upon. If so, try another object.

  • To get up, from the bottom menu bar, select Stand up.