Linden Lab filming rules

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When we have wanted to film Schome Park - with the camera filming our computer screen - these are the rules that Linden Lab have said we needed to comply with:

  1. The image or visual display does not include any Linden Lab trademark, including any of the following marks: SECOND LIFE, LINDEN LAB, the Hand Logo Design, or SECOND LIFE with the Hand Logo Design;
  2. Do not make any changes or alterations to the appearance or sounds of the Second Life world such that it looks or sounds different from how it would appear or sound to a person using the Second Life software or services in the normal course of such use, or at least as it would have looked or sounded at the time that the audio-visuals were captured; and
  3. Include the following copyright notice: "Certain materials have been reproduced with the permission of Linden Research, Inc. COPYRIGHT © 2001 - 2007 LINDEN RESEARCH, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.”
  4. To the extent that your film incorporates the trademarks, copyrighted material or other materials owned by third parties, such as individual users of our Second Life software or services or business entities with a presence in-world (“Residents”), you use these at your own risk. We do not control, nor can we give you permission to use, the trademarks and other intellectual property of Residents and remind you to ask Residents directly for such permission. For example, this applies to all other third party copyrighted materials, like music and text and graphics.

These rules may be subject to change - so if you are planning to film Second Life I would advise you to contact Linden Lab direct and check their copyright position. The person to contact is Catherine Smith (