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Our own help page for the SL world. A shared knowledge base for us? Don't forget you can always link to outside resources ...

It's always worth talking to people in-world if you have a problem.
Here Woop provides the flight feather which will allow Zed and Sid to fly higher.


I've copied some questions I found on a defunct page - wondering whether we would be better putting stuff like this in the forum - and then transferring it into the FAQs once we've (a) sorted an answer and (b) decided its a FAQ - rather than a very specific and rarely asked Q! - what do you recon? PeterT 07:39, 28 November 2006 (GMT)

How do I join the Schome Educators' group in the SL world?

Question: How do I join the Schome Educators' group in the Second Life world?

Answer: When in-world do the following

  • Go to the Edit menu and select 'Groups ...' (The groups dialogue box will open)
  • Click the Search button in the groups dialogue box (The search box will open)
  • Type schome in the find box and click the Search button (Schome educators will be listed)
  • Click on the Join button, which should be near the middle of the search box

How do I navigate around a poster so I can read it?

Question: I went to Space Station Alpha and there are lots of 'posters' with a lot of text on them, I found them really difficult to read... any ideas on how to navigate round them? Can you load them into a web browser or something? is there an inline tool? (Mark Gaved)


Is free stuff safe?

Question: Loads of FREE stuff has appeared in CETL island - can I touch it? or is it a virus or some other trick? (Mark Gaved)

Answer: I've set up some "free stuff" by setting the share options to include the group and allow anyone to copy/move/modify. That stuff should be safe. That said I noticed that someone whose name I don't recognise has edited one of the sailing boats and taken "ownership" of it. Nigel

Can I wear these clothes?

Question I went to some islands yesterday which were offering me free clothing but it came with 'hovering text' ... does this mean if I accept the clothing I would always have hovering text around me? Or only when I wear the clothes? Or can I get rid of it? (Anesa)


Maximum number of prims?

What's the maximum number of prims you can use to build something with? I am guessing the more prims the slower the world works, but what happens if you push it up to a really high number? --Mgaved 22:58, 2 December 2006 (GMT)

Skills offered list

So we know who we can turn to if our project is too big for us (Mark)


Dan offered help with scripting - within reason!

Linden Dollars

If you need Linden Dollars for a schome related project then 'bid' to Schomer Simpson (PeterT). There is a limited pool of funding avaialable, which is why I've said 'bid' ... ;O)

'External' SL help

a manual with lots of examples, for those that can code but don't know LSL.

The Script library

a complete function list


SLURL links are used to link web pages to specific locations in SL. They take the format<region>/<x-coordinate>/<y-coordinate>/<z-coordinate>/. The region and coordinates are shown at the top of the SL viewer - the z-coordinate can be left out. There is a transitional page from the web page with the SLURL link and a link to the SL viewer, this checks that whoever clicked the link actually wants to go to the SL world and also allows new users to download SL viewer software if they don't already have it installed.

This page has fuller details of how to create and customise SLURL links and this one has an SLURL link builder.

Audio in SL


Useful for many to many audio chat. You have to hold down a button to speak.

Check out the Ventrillo in the SL world page which tells you how to set up Ventrilo using Pathfinder Linden's server.


For many to many audio chat (within Campus it logs you in to a channel automatically in some areas). Vivox is very like Skype in many ways.

If you teleport to Campus there is a noticeboard there that tells you how to install and use Vivox.

Streaming audio - one to many

For voice services in the SL world, the OPAL service is always a good place to go.

SkypeCast if you want to broadcast audio to up to 100 people.

See Sandberg 181206 on the uvvy wiki for an example of a lecture presented in the Second Life world using audio and text simultaneoulsy. Technology involved included SHOUTcast and Winamp.

Other options


Teamspeak - for many to many audio chat (you have to pay for server space I think)

MSN - for one to one audio chat - there is built in/internal MSN within the SL world

xfire - for many to many audio chat (free)

I gather that some folk think that sticking with text chat is best - but I think I prefer mixing and matching ...

I think we just need to come up with some specs of preferred tools, and announce in advance what spec the meeting or event is working to. I'd say that within schome a useful task would be to choose one audio tool and stick with that. --Mgaved 11:24, 20 December 2006 (GMT)
Agreed on the need for sorting out what we are going to use - suspect we need to experiment or at least investigate a number of different options before we decide on which ones to stick with - and it may be that we need more than one (eg one for one to one discussion and another for one to many?) PeterT 07:44, 29 December 2006 (GMT)