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Finding your way around the Schome forum

The Schome forum has been running since April 2005. By September 2007, it had nearly 400 members and it is still growing fast.

Finding your way around the forum can be difficult, so this page contains some suggested ways of negotiating the site, so that you can find what you want quickly. You need to be aware that Schome has included several different projects. At the moment (summer 2007) the main focus is on our projects in the virtual reality world of Second Life, but you may be interested in the Aspire pilot, or in home education, in different educational styles, or in nature trails..

Show unread topics since last visit

If you are logged in to the Schome forum, text at the top left of the page, alongside your picture, offrs to 'Show unread posts since last visit'. Clicking here will take you straight to the messages posted most recently. If you click and find you are faced with pages and pages of unread posts, click the blue tab on the right 'Mark all messages as read'. Next time you visit, you will be faced with a manageable list.


There are eight main boards in the forum: Welcome - start here, General discussions, Schome in Second Life, Schome Park, Schome Base, Events activities etc, Using the website and Archives. You may find that only a few of these boards are relevant to you. You can collapse the others by clicking the minus sign to the left of their title. This doesn't remove the board or its content, but means it no longer clutters up your page.


If you are searching for something specific, there is a Search option towards the top of every page. This will only search the area you are currently looking at. If you are in 'Schome Park' it will only search that board. To search the whole Forum, perform the search from the Home page, which you can access from the blue Home tab near the top left of any page.

If you know who posted something you are looking for, but can't think of useful key words for a search, you may find it easier to check that person's posts. Click the blue Members tab on the blue bar near the middle of the page. Use the alphabetical index to find the person you want and double click on their user name. At the bottom of their summary page, you will find the option to 'Show the last posts of this person' which will take you to all their posts, arranged in chronological order.