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You can easiliy change the look of your avatar.

Changing the gender of your avatar

  • Right click on your avatar (or apple-click if using a Mac). The pie menu will appear
  • Select the Change appearance option (by clicking on it)
  • The Appearance window will appear - select the Shape tab on the left and then click on the gender that you want your avatar to be (as indicated by the orange arrow in the picture below)


Mixing and matching clothing and skin from different avatars

You can combine, say, the trousers from one avatar with the top from another by right-clicking them in your inventory list and selecting wear.

Taking things off

To remove clothing, hair or skin, either:

  • Right-click the item on your avatar
  • Select remove

Bear in mind that your avatar may have nothing else on under the things you've removed and will look a little odd until you wear other items.


  • In the Inventory, browse to the item you wish to remove. The word worn will be displayed next to it.
  • In the Inventory, right-click the item and select either take off or detach.

Editing your face, eyes, hair and looks

  • Right-click your avatar
  • In the circular dialogue, select Appearance.

You can edit many aspects of your appearance. Click on the buttons on the left and use the slider bars to experiment with the changes. If you don't like what you've done, you can exit without saving. If you are editing an appearance you particularly like, you can always save it as a new Outfit and then you can always put it back on if you make mistakes.

Saving your favourite looks

If you have mixed and matched items from different sources and want to be sure that you don't lose that particular look, you can save it in a folder in your library. Then, you can simply wear the entire set of clothes, hair, eyes, skin, height, size, shoes etc but selecting them from the one place.
To save a particular look:

  • Right-click your avatar and select appearancefrom the circular dialogue.
  • In the Editing Appearance dialogue, select Make Outfit.
  • In the Make New Outfit dialogue, select the items you wish to save to create this look.
  • Click save. A new folder is created in your library with the name you enter. If you also checked the "Rename clothing to folder name" check-box, the clothes will be renamed to the folder name, i.e. Punky look hair, Punky look jeans.
  • In the Edit Appearance dialog, click close.

If you look in your library, you will see a new folder with the name you just created containing all the items that make up your current look.

Can someone please put up the schome t-shirt template so I can modify it to my own one please? Mars
You can find all clothing templates here; you just need to download them and open them in a graphics program, e.g. photoshop or paintshop pro. I've personally found it easiest to make the T-shirt alpha layer visible and recolour that, adding any text/images on top. I could make a tutorial for this, if people wanted? - Trixxiee 10:41, 13 May 2007 (BST)
Can you stick it on here so I can CnP it please?Mars
I'm not sure how I would put the template on here, but I can stick a tutorial up later. If you post a topic on the forum in the help section, I can explain better there. - Trixxiee 10:50, 13 May 2007 (BST)
Put it on as an image, and Ill cnp it, Mars
That wouldn't work, it has to be saved as a particular format. I'm writing a tutorial now, and this wiki isn't the best place to have a discussion. I'd suggest posting on the forum. - Trixxiee 10:57, 13 May 2007 (BST)
Mars, I made the schome t-shirts, and I think I've deleted the graphics file. Sorry. However, all is not lost, I made them using the template you can find here - along with a really helpful tutorial Fox
I have also made a tutorial now, which can be found here. - Trixxiee