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Editing basics

You have to be logged in in order to edit a page. Click here to find out how to register and/or log in.

Assuming you are logged in then you can edit any page just by clicking on the 'edit' tap that is near the top of the WikiWorks panel - just above the page's title. This will take you to the edit screen, where you can edit the text. When you have finished editing the text you can check what it looks like by clicking on the 'Show preview' button near the bottom of the window. If you are happy with how the page looks then you need to click on the 'Save page' button in order to save the changes.

Whenever anyone edits a page the history for that page is updated. You can see the history by clicking on the 'history' tab at the top of the WikiWorks panel. The history lets you compare different versions of the page that you are looking at - so you can see how it has been changed by different users.

There is an editing toolbar at the top of the editing panel - the toolbar contains buttons that let you format text, add hotlinks, etc.. It starts with the Bold button, which looks like a grey square with a bold capital b in it (B).

The most useful buttons in the editing toolbar are:

B - makes text bold
I - makes text italic
Ab - makes text into a hot link
A - makes text into a heading

Creating a new page

You can create a new WikiWorks page by inserting a hot link into any page. If the hot link points to a page that does not already exist then a new page will be created.

Inserting a hot link

You can create a hot link by putting double square brackets around the text that you want to become the hot link. You can either type the square brackets or you can highlight the text and click on the hot link icon in the editing toolbar (third one in from the left that says Ab).

If you want the text that is the source of the hot link to be different to the name of the page that you are linking to then you need to put

double opening square brackets
the name of the target page you want to link to
a vertical line (ie |)
the text that will become the source of the hot link

Inserting your username and the date and time

Inserting four tildes (~) will insert your username and the date and time when you save the page.

Trying it out

The best way to find out how to edit a page is to look have a go. You can experiment to your heart's content in The WikiWorks playground.

The Help page provides links to an editing reference guide which tells you about all sorts of fancy things you can do - like creating tables, adding links to other websites and adding in html elements.

One of the best ways of finding out about how to format pages in WikiWorks is to look at an existing page - click on its edit tab and see how it has been formatted. Don't forget to Cancel your edits (unless you mean to change the page of course).