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Project Leader: Topper Schomer
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- We should send official aid workers to built schools, hospitals etc instead of just giving money. As the past shows, giving money doesn't appear to be helping, so investing the money into supplies, tools, equipment etc to be used in countries such as Africa, Asia etc would be more useful.

- We should build schools, hospital etc and then educate the people to teach, become medical staff etc so that they can work in their own facilities and become independent and not rely so much on aid workers

- Establish farms and plant sustainable crops so that the people and work on these farms and be able to produce their own food source. This will also create a valuable resource for the country once enough farms have be established. The country will be able to feed itself after a time.

- Use the natural resources of the country (e.g. mines for fuel, precious stones etc) so that the people will not only have jobs etc, but it can develop an industry so it can trade etc on the global market. To ensure that the country gets a fair deal from this, safeguards and rules should be established at the international level so that developing countries get a fair deal and aren't taken advantage of.

- Micro credit sytems to rycyle the money and help people breck the cycle

Could you explain the last two ideas?-would the suggestion be for already developed MEDC companies to set up operations in the developing nations, or for international not for profit Non Governmental Organisations to do this? As I see it, in both cases the emphasis would be on MEDCs providing capital to pay for the operations to be run by locals. A question is whether this would be best done via no or low interest loans, buying shares, or charitable funding.--Explo

Basically, it is just a very simple idea for people to expand, change etc. But if they were to be helped by establishing industry etc, by charitable means (i.e. they dont have to pay back the costs of starting it etc). It is just an idea, and i dont know if it is a good one or not. I'm not so good at politics, economy etc. I'm better at scienes, psychology and that sort of thing. lol - Kali

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