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Now led by Marsbar9 Schomer and Pigment SParker

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The design and media sessions were set up by Mars earlier in the year. They were designed to bring more promotional and exciting resources to Schome Park, using both the wiki and SPii itself. Since then Pigment SParker joined us, and she's a specialist in the area of Machinima. Since then media sessions have taken off, and more and more machnima is being organised. The new media room has just opened, supporting the strand with exhibition space and a bright space in which to work. Since the picture was taken (above) the media room has had a refit, with a much better use of space, and large open ground floor with a stage, and schomics/machinima on show. On the first floor, so of the floor was taken away to reveal a large, open floor overlooking the machinima viewing area below.

This page will give details of all the activities and events we've been up to, both in and out of Second Life. Check here regularly, as we'll have more news soon!

The sessions are all about freedom -freedom to choose what you want to do and when. There are a few school subjects that obviously come into design and media, including art, design, ICT and English. By combining the three subjects, we should be able to produce some good materials based on Schome and the wider world.

What have we done before?


Shout! end30november.jpg

Shout! is an art competition thought up by Mars and Pigment to get some more culture into SPii. The details were a little vague the first time around, but after a little rethink we relaunched the competition in the hope more people would enter. The genre was free expression in Schome, but we didn't get any entries., and now the genre is free expression in Schome. Entrants could be on their own or can work in groups. After this, a winner will be announced and they will get a prize.

Airship Hindenburg

Skyship.png Our first group Machinima project, scripted by Achilles Schomer was based on the real life story of the Hindenburg, which was a big airship used by the Germans. It was destroyed in its second year of service, by a raging fire that took hold incredibly fast.

Future Projects

There are always sessions and activities in the works, and if you have and idea for future projects, pop it on the talk page (discussion tab at the top) and we'll get back to you.



Bids for future funding

  • Media Box
  • FirstLight Studio Awards

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Planned Group & Discussions sessions

  • None planned at the moment

Past Group & Discussions sessions

Due to the fact that Media Studies is a relatively new strand, there haven't been lots of sessions.

Date Time
21st April 07 9.30 to 11.30 Schome Machinima
4th July 07 Media session 1 - 4/7/07
16th July 07 ? Machinima Meet
15th September 7 to 8 SPiiTV Meeting 2