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This is a public page designed to support activities during the real-life workshop Step Out In Style

London College of Fashion slurl

Here is an link to Doll Island, developed by Andy Savery.

The London College of fashion see their island in Second Life as a creative space. They have deliberately not re-created their campus or any classrooms and use it as a constantly changing area to enable the expression and development of new ideas.

The recent “Alice in Wonderland” exhibition attracted over 8,000 visitors.

Julia Gamister has run projects in Second Life including a graduate showcase exhibition.

Southampton Solent University slurl

Suzie Norris-Reeves and Lisa Mann have produced a Youtube tour of Solent Life, which includes a catwalk and exhibition spaces.

Their virtual campus is well worth a visit, (and not just for the freebies and very comprehensive list of fashion design resources!)

History of fashion slurl

Savvy e-guide.jpg

Manchester Art Gallery + Education UK Island
Beady Voom, Chris Eggplant and Susan Williams

A virtual art exhibition was developed as part of the National E-Guides Event in Manchester in March 2008.

This contains a display and quiz about the history of fashion, with virtual world replicas of costumes on display at Manchester Art Gallery.

Try on the dresses and see how it ‘feels’!

Norwich University College of the Arts

A virtual foundation course is being offered, using Second Life as a creative tool. Students are offered courses in fashion design in virtual worlds.

Costumes for theatre and performance

The Emerge project teams, particularly the Theatron project have extensive experience of re-creating historically accurate designs.