Delete those Prims!!!

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What is the scheme?

The scheme is designed to clean up the island now we are reaching our prim limit. Every tiny prim counts to lowering the count, so if we all delete ten prims, that's easily 100 prims gone.

Who should run it?

Everyone. There must be 100 tiny prims up in the air, which isn't fair, because half of them aren't used, they're forgotten about. There's a limit to how high the staff are going to look for these objects, so we need to help them out.

Fill in this table below when you find an object, and the owner needs to retrieve them.


Object Owner Approx Location (XYZ)
Nets Liony 136, 174, 22
Eli Ball (anyone mod) (anyone copy) 143, 160, 22
Skittles Eli 144, 137, 22
Skittle Eli 140, 177, 22
Door (teleport to Scholympia) Spiral 172, 123, 26
Insanity Oasis Hapno and Faz 194, 138, 603
Prim Vibia Schomer near scholympia
Prim Woop In front of help button (grab UUID)
Fruit (sculpted) Developer Schomer On seats in Scholympia
Dice Emodalek 15, 240, 40 (underground, in volcano lava)
Sudoku cubes Lizit 45, 240, 30
Objects Faz & Dudefish 40, 225, 15 (and all the way along the river floor to the next entry)
Bed, dance floor, etc. Rowan, Flio, Hapno 10, 205, 7 (near cooler/volcano)
Random objects (dice, space lift, chairs, etc.) Hapno, Numerius, Liony All the way around from the volcano to near (and behind) the lighthouse and across to the bay at (255, 0). Heights range from the sea floor to the sea surface.
Cat Hammo 10, 170, 20
Car Patelio 65, 70, 15
Ball Liony 50, 130, 25 (underground)
Objects Developer Schomer, Faz, Prof 70, 140, 20, going around the sea floor to near the AI emporium
Football, plane, etc. Liony around 190, 200, 20
And probably a lot more :p
Objects Hapno 32,137,21
Camera Achilles 34,102,16 under water
Object Hapno 5,97,7 underwater
Dice Hapno 1,22,8 underwater
Object Hapno 0,0,8 underwater
Demon Flip Hapno 16,8,1 underwater
Space Lift Hapno 103,10,7 underwater
Dice Liony 103,10,7 underwater
Daedalus Hapno 195,35,21 underground
Rock effect Building Spiral 111,142,241
Object Devoloper Schomer near above
Missalanius (lots of it) mars 196,168,224
Garage Mars 218,193,251
robot statue Faz 170,107,748
Prim achillies 103,104, 765
Cube pendulum Explo 106,40,121

A comment from the staff

The staff don't generally clear up anywhere above 100 metres. Occasionally if we see default prims we'll return them, but on the whole, that's your space up there. If we see something that looks like it's been built, we'll leave it alone. So if you've built a house but no longer use it, maybe consider deleting it. Please keep airspace free of unwanted builds.

We return, we don't delete

Our staff avatars are set up so some of us can remove unwanted prims. But we return them to the users inventories, we don't delete things. So don't worry, if we have removed something you've built, you can always pull it out of your inventory.

Ground level up to 100 metres

We (support staff) will sweep the ground level and up to 100 metres clear of anything that isn't an "official build", so please keep these areas clear. With a hundred SParkers we just don't have to space at ground level for everybody to build their own house.

If you've got a build under 100 metres, please move it upwards - it risks being returned to you.

The sandbox is the place at ground level to try out new ideas, we'll leave things here for a few days but reserve the right to sweep it clean every so often when it gets too full.