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For info about activities on Schome Park (our island in the Teen Grid of Second Life) see Schome Park events.

Schome events

Monthly         Schome Research Group Meetings, 9.30 to 12.30 on the last 
                working Monday of each month, Stuart Hall Building,
                Level 2, Room 3, The Open University (contact PeterT (
22 Sept 06      The 1st schome home educator's workshop - an event for home educated young people
                who are interested in exploring creative ways of thinking about visions for 
                schome. To be held at the Open University in the Milton Keynes on the morning of
                22nd September 06. The focus will be on using wireless PDAs on a nature trail. 
                The session is open to home educating families - however it is now FULL.
                If you are interested in subsequent workshops for home educating families then
                contact PeterT (   
Mar to Sept 06  Check out the Aspire Pilot project dates page for details of additional schome

Past schome events

Schome projects

March 06 to Sept 06 The Aspire Pilot is working with young people to develop 
                    'provocations' to help other people develop creative yet grounded
                    visions of schome.
August 05 to May 06 eSIR (The eStrategy Implemenation Review) is a Becta funded project that 
                    analysed the state of play in the school and FE sectors in relation
                    to Priorities 2 and 3 of the DfES eStrategy in order to identify future 
                    research and development needs.  The final report was submitted to Becta at 
                    the end of May 06 and should be available from the Becta website from July 06.

Schome activities

The schome research group is currently working on the following activities:

  • a literature search - looking for info about education systems around the world, which will incorporate formal and informal systems/approaches.
  • website development - the current focus of attention within WikiWorks is on the schome vision sections of the website - and of course the related Aspire Pilot pages. The education systems pages still have some gaps - which we'd love your help to fill ....
  • focus groups - asking folk (young people, parents, teachers, employers, etc) re their views of what our education system should be like - Kieron is presenting a paper based on this at IFIP's 'Imagining the future of ICT and education' conference in Norway in June 06. PeterT and Kieron are running a further focus group at the same conference.
  • vision building - we are bidding for further funding for more extensive vision building activities to complement: the focus groups, vision discussions within WikiWorks, and Aspire Pilot.
  • assessment and accreditation - we are working on a bid for funding to look at assessment and accreditation of learning in formal and informal contexts utilising ICT.

Other schome related activites include:

  • wikied - a really exciting look at ways of enhancing wikis so that they include peer-review tools - driven by a belief that assessment is the key to changing education.

Schome related events

Feel free to add info re schome related conferences etc - in chronolgical order.

30 Aug-2 Sept 06  Democracy and Culture in Early Childhood Education, EECERA,  
                  Reykjavik, Iceland.

1-2 Nov 06        Spaces, Places and Future Learning, FutureLab - using innovative technology
                  and practice to re-imagine learning spaces, Rich Mix, London.

13-19 Nov 06      The Future of Schooling? 
                  Australian Council for Education & Microsoft, online conference.

8-10 Jan 07       Creativity or Conformity? Building cultures of creativity in Higher Education
                  Cardiff, Wales (UK).

Past schome related events