Compilation of the Favourite Characteristics

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By compiling all the favourite characterisitics from the StBoniface's College favourite websites page, we can start to see what a website might need to have to successfully attract young people in order to engage them in schome vision building...

Ease of Navigation

This includes:

Clarity of accessing links
Visual clarity eg
  • use of columns to divide up pages
  • use of a small number of bright moving pictures
  • use of images which "show the website content"
  • white or simple background colour to "prevent overcrowding"
excellent graphics (we would really like to see some examples of what makes excellent graphics)

Keep It Interesting

This includes:

Large enougth array of pages to keep people exploring
Keeping pages up to date
Including new ideas regularly
Make it fun, with a sense of humour!


Free downloads – music, ring tones (would podcasts be good here too?)

Connections to personal interests eg sport, music

Use of technology like webcams