Celebrating Siobhan

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Pictures taken by Fox at the Celebration for Siobhan

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More pictures here.
Not many pictures of me at all then... -Faz

Eli Sparker, viewed from above
Today we see through a glass, darkly
You know when you've been Ajaxed...
Gathered at the harbour
We all dressed colourfully
Lots of people

One of SPii's biggest gatherings
Faz. Setting off fireworks?
Ready for a musical celebration

Faz and Vibia
Faz with sparklers
Oh, look. It's Faz again!

The fireworks begin
We gather together
Another crowd scene

There were fireworks everywhere
Above the fireworks
Another group scene
The memorial bench
Vibia and Eli
Even Vigo was there

Pictures taken by Faji

Siobhans celebration1.jpg
Siobhans celebration2.jpg
Siobhans celebration3.jpg
Siobhans celebration4.jpg
Siobhans celebration5.jpg
Siobhans celebration6.jpg
Siobhans celebration7.jpg
Siobhans celebration8.jpg

Pictures taken by Topper


Pictures taken by Mars

Fireworks 2.JPG

Pictures taken by Rowan

051007-7.30pm-on 002.jpg
051007-7.30pm-on 016.jpg
051007-7.30pm-on 032.jpg

Pictures from last week

Memorial candles
Sombre reflection
Pausing for thought

With thanks to Lizit

Happy times