Builders meeting 22nd june 2007

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Builders meeting 22nd june 2007

Summary (marsbar9)

As below, except:

  • Hapno has bought four tardises at a total cost of £30 (RL)
  • The voting procedures need looking at, it was suggested that it doesn't need a 2-1 finish, just so long as one exceeds the other, we can pass it as DO's.
  • The scho-op polls need resetting.

Summary (achilles)

  • the sch-op situation must be sorted ASAP
  • More action must be taken on breaking the planning permission rules
  • A scripting meeting has been suggested
  • the lighthouse should be reinstated after a vote
  • the planning permission rules should be clarifed and used more by DO'S
  • More discussion is needed on the majority needed to pass a vote
  • a green team was suggested but was thought that it would more effiecently done by DO's
  • prim sweeps should take place more often

The Full Chatlog (courtesy of mars)

[10:57] Woop Kamachi is Online
[10:57] Professor Schomer is Offline
[10:57] MarsBar9 Schomer: hey
[10:57] IM: Achilles Schomer: there is a builders meeting on now in scholympia msg now to be tped
[10:57] Woop Kamachi: heya
[10:58] MarsBar9 Schomer: no-one else coming?
[10:58] Woop Kamachi: all being gathered I believe
[10:58] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok
[10:58] Vibia Schomer: oh...
[10:59] Aston Schomer: how do we sit?
[10:59] Liony Schomer: aaa
[10:59] Liony Schomer: :P
[10:59] Aston Schomer: it seems to be one big block
[10:59] Aston Schomer: oh there we go
[10:59] Liony Schomer: nice pose there :P
[10:59] Woop Kamachi: but you can still right click on a spot and select 'sit here'
[10:59] Liony Schomer: right-lick on the seats :P
[10:59] MarsBar9 Schomer: erm
[10:59] Achilles Schomer: anywhere
[10:59] Aston Schomer: damn you camera!
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: apologies for this, but we have a tech hitch with agenda
[11:00] Liony Schomer: ????
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: Achilles can you give me a mod copy copy please?
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: oh
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: it's there
[11:00] Achilles Schomer: can you just sell me the rginal board
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: :S
[11:00] Achilles Schomer: orginal
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: hmm
[11:00] Liony Schomer: ???
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: ill give you access for two mos
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: there you go
[11:00] MarsBar9 Schomer: mods it now
[11:00] Liony Schomer: yay :D
[11:01] Liony Schomer: soo ... :P
[11:01] MarsBar9 Schomer: hi everyone, thanks for coming
[11:01] IM: Second Life: Aston Schomer has left this session.
[11:01] Vibia Schomer: hi
[11:01] Aston Schomer: thanks
[11:01] MarsBar9 Schomer: Just so I know, is there anyone who objects to me logging chat?
[11:01] Liony Schomer: ellooo @{
[11:01] Liony Schomer: *:P
[11:01] Liony Schomer: nope
[11:01] Aston Schomer: no
[11:01] Vibia Schomer: oooh agenda!!!
[11:01] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:02] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok, thanks for that
[11:02] IM: Achilles Schomer: nd if i do the meeting?
[11:02] MarsBar9 Schomer: Well, I'm sure you already know, the building and planning reps are....
[11:02] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:02] Baso Schomer is Online
[11:03] MarsBar9 Schomer: Moi, Achilles, and explo, who couldn't make it today
[11:03] MarsBar9 Schomer: Baso's just coming
[11:03] Liony Schomer: awww :( :P
[11:03] Aston Schomer: thats a shame
[11:03] Liony Schomer: hehe
[11:03] MarsBar9 Schomer: right on que
[11:03] MarsBar9 Schomer: lol
[11:03] Vibia Schomer: he he...
[11:03] Aston Schomer: THAT WAS WIERD!
[11:03] MarsBar9 Schomer: you're loved baso :P
[11:03] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:03] Baso Schomer: ??
[11:03] Vibia Schomer: he he
[11:03] MarsBar9 Schomer: dm
[11:03] MarsBar9 Schomer: right, back onto business
[11:03] Baso Schomer: sorry im late guys and girls
[11:03] Baso Schomer: twas busy
[11:03] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:04] MarsBar9 Schomer: We are here to day to discuss how we will move on with building, planning designing, and some ground rules that need to be laid out.
[11:04] Aston Schomer: here here!
[11:04] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:04] MarsBar9 Schomer: Now as I'm sure you are aware, there has been some discussion on whether or not we are dsoing our job properly.
[11:04] Aston Schomer: really?
[11:04] Liony Schomer: I wasn't aware :( :P
[11:04] Achilles Schomer: so we've called this meeting tonight to discuss
[11:04] MarsBar9 Schomer: Yes, we are, but we as a threesome cannot control people, saying yes you can and no you can't build
[11:05] MarsBar9 Schomer: so we do need to lay down and enforce laws
[11:05] Aston Schomer: only because you're not following your own rules!
[11:05] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:05] MarsBar9 Schomer: Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we are going to do this?
[11:05] Aston Schomer: yes start following your own rules
[11:05] IM: Achilles Schomer: ??
[11:05] MarsBar9 Schomer: apart form tht :S
[11:05] Baso Schomer: Yes, cgood point aston, i have seen it few times that some schomers have been abusing there authority
[11:05] Vibia Schomer: well-cage the people who dont listen!!!!!
[11:05] Vibia Schomer: =)
[11:05] Achilles Schomer: aston we need to create the rules
[11:05] Liony Schomer: what has happened? :S
[11:05] Topper Schomer is Offline
[11:06] Aston Schomer: mars built a scho-op
[11:06] Baso Schomer: Ok...
[11:06] IM: Achilles Schomer: 3 plz
[11:06] Aston Schomer: which had not passed PP
[11:06] Woop Kamachi: could you state Aston how you feel rules are currently being broken so everyone here is clear?
[11:06] Aston Schomer: ok
[11:06] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:06] Aston Schomer: I believe that by building the scho-op which had not been cleared by PP they are under-mining themselves so no wonder people dont follow their rules
[11:06] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:06] MarsBar9 Schomer: Yes, I do apologise, but my reasons behind going ahead with the scho-op have been laid down three or four times both inworls and on the forum
[11:07] Baso Schomer: I think as rules are concerned, it applies to everything. even builds in the air, and on the gorund, and in the see and in lava
[11:07] Baso Schomer: that you may build them
[11:07] Achilles Schomer: we neede a basic sch-op or else nobody would have basic iems for two weeks
[11:07] MarsBar9 Schomer: I built it because I was one of three or four with their inventories back, and people were saying "when dso we get them back and when is the scho-op being made"
[11:07] Woop Kamachi: it would appear that out of clarity having one set of rules that always applies makes it easier to follow
[11:07] Liony Schomer: I think that anything over 1,000m or so shouldn't need PP
[11:07] Liony Schomer: cos it's well out of the way :P
[11:07] Baso Schomer: but after building you must return them
[11:07] Baso Schomer: Liony, a primis a prim, wether its high up or down low
[11:07] Aston Schomer: i understand that aswell
[11:07] Aston Schomer: mars
[11:08] Liony Schomer: oh yeah I didn't think about the prim count ...
[11:08] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes, and what would make it worse is the fact those prims would be lost
[11:08] Liony Schomer: ??
[11:08] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes aston?
[11:08] Achilles Schomer: lets let baso speak
[11:08] Baso Schomer: So rules...I think you may build what everyou please, but you must take it back
[11:08] Baso Schomer: if it isnt take it back
[11:08] Liony Schomer: unless you get PP for a permanent build?
[11:09] Aston Schomer: i still think that the scho-op should have gone through plannning permission like everything else did
[11:09] Baso Schomer: and isnt on a list of authorised builds, we give it a warn
[11:09] Baso Schomer: next day, we return it to the owner
[11:09] MarsBar9 Schomer: it did
[11:09] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok
[11:09] Achilles Schomer: our current rules really only apply to permanent builds and temporary builds are unaffected
[11:09] Liony Schomer: ok
[11:09] Vibia Schomer: is the sandbox included????
[11:09] Baso Schomer: but then we must think about prim limits
[11:09] MarsBar9 Schomer: well if you ook at the webbie, we do have a section where we can add unauthorised builds
[11:09] MarsBar9 Schomer: no - the sandbox is exempt
[11:09] Achilles Schomer: no sandbox is outside of the rules
[11:09] Vibia Schomer: okay
[11:09] MarsBar9 Schomer: Woop - ideas?
[11:09] Achilles Schomer: thats was desings ed for testing builds
[11:10] Baso Schomer: Mars...hate ot mpinpoint ppl out but you and faz i beleave are building out of prim knowledge
[11:10] Aston Schomer: what?
[11:10] Baso Schomer: i beleave the scho-op is over 300 prims
[11:10] MarsBar9 Schomer: huh?
[11:10] Aston Schomer: oh
[11:10] MarsBar9 Schomer: no it isn't
[11:10] Baso Schomer: when it could be only 50
[11:10] MarsBar9 Schomer: it is on;y 50
[11:10] Woop Kamachi: I certainly agree sandbox is free building, and sounds like everyone is agreed that is different...
[11:10] Baso Schomer: it isnt
[11:10] MarsBar9 Schomer: is
[11:10] Aston Schomer: 150 to me mars
[11:10] MarsBar9 Schomer: it is NOT 300
[11:10] Baso Schomer: i think the sandbox should be swept every 5 hours
[11:10] MarsBar9 Schomer: maybe 100-130
[11:10] MarsBar9 Schomer: but not above
[11:10] Aston Schomer: just did a rough check
[11:10] Achilles Schomer: the sandbox is for temperary and builds in devlopment
[11:10] Aston Schomer: no
[11:11] MarsBar9 Schomer: not every 5 hours
[11:11] Baso Schomer: ok mars, last time i checked it was in the 290 - 320s
[11:11] MarsBar9 Schomer: !
[11:11] Aston Schomer: dont sweep sandbox every 5 hours
[11:11] Baso Schomer: but still,
[11:11] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:11] MarsBar9 Schomer: well tht would be your fault then wouldn't it?
[11:11] Woop Kamachi: since I've been asked my opinion is that the community should focus on the function of a building, if everyone is agreed that something with a new function is required then the community can propose designs and so on. building for the sake of building is likely to end up in a very busy island!
[11:11] Achilles Schomer: i'd agree on once every week for the sandbox
[11:11] Aston Schomer: yes
[11:11] Baso Schomer: yes
[11:11] Baso Schomer: Now can i add something
[11:11] MarsBar9 Schomer: woop - what is the current time for deletion?
[11:11] MarsBar9 Schomer: on the sandbox I mean
[11:12] Achilles Schomer: mars the sandboi s swept manually
[11:12] Aston Schomer: you do it when its full dont you
[11:12] Baso Schomer: im not going to say that this is the best method but we need to think about new scripting.....
[11:12] MarsBar9 Schomer: well we're here for building today, not scripting
[11:12] Woop Kamachi: we're not 'enforcing' a rigorous time. I'd encourage everyone to link any building they're working on in the sandbox and then take it into their inventory before leaving
[11:12] Baso Schomer: we can rez objects on demand and equaly delete them on demand
[11:12] Woop Kamachi: then the space is avilable for anyone else inworld
[11:12] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok
[11:12] Aston Schomer: not everyone is an incredible scripter baso...
[11:12] Baso Schomer: we need to also think about that
[11:12] Liony Schomer: hmm
[11:12] Baso Schomer: aston, it is incredibly easy scripting
[11:13] Baso Schomer: i have the cript premade
[11:13] Aston Schomer: ok fine
[11:13] Achilles Schomer: we'll suggest that to the script dept baso...
[11:13] MarsBar9 Schomer: Is there a particular build that people disagree with, exept SS and the Scho-op?
[11:13] Baso Schomer: all it requires is somebody to change one wor din it
[11:13] Baso Schomer: Achilles, hte reason im mentioning it here
[11:13] Aston Schomer: not at the moment mars
[11:13] Woop Kamachi: forget scripting, anyone can 'take' their build into their inventory and pull it back out next time, the scripting issue fits outside of this
[11:13] Aston Schomer: yes
[11:13] Baso Schomer: it is had a hell of a lot to do with building
[11:13] Aston Schomer: exactly
[11:13] Aston Schomer: not really baso
[11:13] MarsBar9 Schomer: no it hasn't
[11:13] Baso Schomer: i think it does
[11:13] MarsBar9 Schomer: but we aren't here to discuss this
[11:13] MarsBar9 Schomer: are we?
[11:13] Baso Schomer: i meen, the temp_rez
[11:14] Liony Schomer: guys can we get on with the meeting?
[11:14] Aston Schomer: mars maybe we should move things along a little
[11:14] Liony Schomer: this isn't to do with scripting
[11:14] Vibia Schomer: i agree with liony....
[11:14] Baso Schomer: reduces amount of prims in a hevely primmed object
[11:14] Aston Schomer: agenda
[11:14] Achilles Schomer: shall i continue mars
[11:14] Aston Schomer: ...
[11:14] Liony Schomer: if you want a script meeting, then organize one yourself
[11:14] MarsBar9 Schomer: Moving back onto the agenda, is there a building that has disobeyed PP and tht people don't like?>

[11:14] Aston Schomer: no
[11:14] Liony Schomer: nope
[11:14] MarsBar9 Schomer: Achilles, you take over a mo
[11:14] Liony Schomer: I liked the lighthouse meself
[11:14] Aston Schomer: yes!
[11:14] MarsBar9 Schomer: where has it gone?
[11:14] Vibia Schomer: i did too...
[11:14] Aston Schomer: it was brilliant and really fitted
[11:14] Baso Schomer: hapno returned it to himself
[11:14] Aston Schomer: why?
[11:14] Achilles Schomer: so what is it that people want for builds tha break the rules
[11:14] Vibia Schomer: it did...
[11:15] Aston Schomer: it was really good
[11:15] Baso Schomer: i dont quite know
[11:15] MarsBar9 Schomer: right well we need to make sure people don't do tht
[11:15] Aston Schomer: lets ask hapno to make it again then
[11:15] Baso Schomer: Mars....ok
[11:15] Baso Schomer: think about it
[11:15] Liony Schomer: yeah :P
[11:15] MarsBar9 Schomer: they can't disobey the laws, then as they please,delete it
[11:15] There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
[11:15] Baso Schomer: "we need to tell ppl to leae there unauthorised builds out"
[11:15] MarsBar9 Schomer: y and n
[11:15] Liony Schomer: yes but it turned out to be a good idea didn't it?
[11:15] Baso Schomer: liony
[11:15] Baso Schomer: an unauthorised build is still unauthorised
[11:15] Achilles Schomer: well we need to think that people may be hostile to having their pride and joy delted and may just return it out of spite
[11:15] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes
[11:15] Baso Schomer: its nota personal matter
[11:16] Baso Schomer: its good...brilliant, but it still has to be allowed
[11:16] MarsBar9 Schomer: if people likeit, they can't delete it
[11:16] Baso Schomer: a shop cant sell guns just cos they like them
[11:16] Liony Schomer: spose
[11:16] Aston Schomer: My view on the building PP rules is that people should be allowed to build then the PP should take place
[11:16] Liony Schomer: yeah that's good
[11:16] Aston Schomer: then everyone knows exactly what it might look like
[11:16] MarsBar9 Schomer: no
[11:16] Liony Schomer: why not Mars?
[11:17] Woop Kamachi: should it only be built in the sandbox then Aston?
[11:17] Achilles Schomer: yes well we need to come up with some guidelines as to exactly what will happen if the rules are transgressed any thoughts?
[11:17] MarsBar9 Schomer: this goes completely against our rules doesn't it?
[11:17] Baso Schomer: yes aston i agree, people can build there objects, but then they must submit it to authorisation if they want it permanent
[11:17] Woop Kamachi: so people can see it there first?
[11:17] Vibia Schomer: yeh and if not approved it should be removed....
[11:17] MarsBar9 Schomer: only in the sandbox
[11:17] Aston Schomer: no i disagree mars
[11:17] MarsBar9 Schomer: not where they want it
[11:17] Liony Schomer: no
[11:17] MarsBar9 Schomer: well if this is the case, people can't argue about the scho-op then?
[11:17] Baso Schomer: I wouldnt say just in the sandbox,
[11:17] Liony Schomer: because the geography of the site might be to do with the build
[11:18] Baso Schomer: build it were they want, take a screenshot then dleete it
[11:18] There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
[11:18] Achilles Schomer: my suggestion in pp is that people can build before the vote but have to ask for permisioon to create first beofre the vote
[11:18] Baso Schomer: if at the end of the day it is left there unauthorised
[11:18] Baso Schomer: it gets returned
[11:18] Baso Schomer: that fair
[11:18] Liony Schomer: such as if you're building something for the volcano, you can't exactly use it in the sandbox can you?
[11:18] Woop Kamachi: should ideas for WHAT the building does be proposed before any kind of build begins?
[11:18] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes
[11:18] Achilles Schomer: yes
[11:18] MarsBar9 Schomer: the idea be proposed
[11:18] MarsBar9 Schomer: building inworld is for the design
[11:18] Liony Schomer: yeah
[11:18] Baso Schomer: yes, major builds shoould be proposed
[11:18] Aston Schomer: if it is a good build and not just random prims it should be allowed to be built in the proposed site
[11:18] Baso Schomer: but say i wanted to make a watch
[11:18] Baso Schomer: id make it in the sandbox unproposed
[11:18] Basic Chair: Right click me and choose 'Sit Here' to sit down
[11:19] Liony Schomer: yeah but personal effects don't really count as 'bilds' do they?
[11:19] MarsBar9 Schomer: no
[11:19] Baso Schomer: depends liony
[11:19] Basic Chair: Right click me and choose 'Sit Here' to sit down
[11:19] Liony Schomer: *builds
[11:19] MarsBar9 Schomer: you dont apply or p and p for a watch baso
[11:19] Achilles Schomer: my idea bascially summarises that people can build firstin order to show people what it would be like then vote on it in forum to keep a lose in the vote means removal
[11:19] Baso Schomer: would the 100-prim sandcastke count as a build
[11:19] Liony Schomer: unlessthey're bigger than youur torso, say?
[11:19] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes
[11:19] Baso Schomer: yes a watch wouldnt
[11:19] MarsBar9 Schomer: anything bigger than 10 prims I tinhk is a build
[11:19] Baso Schomer: my watch could be in aexces of 100 prims
[11:19] Woop Kamachi: I wouldn't worry about the sandcastle, that can disappear quickly enough
[11:19] Baso Schomer: i think 20
[11:20] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok - so if over 2o, p and p needs to be agreed?
[11:20] Baso Schomer: and the sandbox should be sweeped every sunday
[11:20] Liony Schomer: ok
[11:20] Aston Schomer: yes
[11:20] Aston Schomer: good idea
[11:20] Achilles Schomer: good idea
[11:20] Baso Schomer: so ppl can build all week
[11:20] Baso Schomer: and at the end of the week
[11:20] Baso Schomer: it gets returned
[11:20] Baso Schomer: if they havent already
[11:20] Baso Schomer: gives a new start on monday lol with a clean space
[11:21] Liony Schomer: that's good
[11:21] Aston Schomer: can we all agree that now then?
[11:21] Baso Schomer: all in favour
[11:21] Baso Schomer: aye
[11:21] Liony Schomer: but what if they start something on the Saturday?
[11:21] Aston Schomer: and make it legislation as such
[11:21] Achilles Schomer: well the area should be cleared of no pernament builds on sunday but not everything
[11:21] Siobhan SParker is Online
[11:21] Baso Schomer: if they start it on saturday
[11:21] Baso Schomer: then they shold take it back into inventory of finish it
[11:21] Liony Schomer: ???
[11:21] Baso Schomer: they no the rules
[11:21] Liony Schomer: spose
[11:21] Aston Schomer: put floating text script above
[11:21] Baso Schomer: aston
[11:21] Aston Schomer: saying DO NOT DELETE
[11:21] Woop Kamachi: it's good practice to keep copies of builds in your inventory. any builder should ALWAYS be doing this, in case of disasters as much as anything
[11:21] Baso Schomer: if we did that
[11:21] Liony Schomer: would the items get deleted or merely returned?
[11:22] Aston Schomer: returned surely
[11:22] Achilles Schomer: returned
[11:22] Baso Schomer: returned
[11:22] Aston Schomer: and yes baso
[11:22] Liony Schomer: returned is good
[11:22] Achilles Schomer: no deletions unless abosultely necessary
[11:22] Achilles Schomer: e.g griefing
[11:22] Woop Kamachi: staff only ever return stuff
[11:22] Aston Schomer: baso you were gonna say something?
[11:22] Baso Schomer: i think if they put floating text it would make this job to hard
[11:22] Liony Schomer: yeah floating text should be a no
[11:22] Baso Schomer: cos then we'd have to return each thing manually
[11:23] Baso Schomer: if everything went ona sunday
[11:23] Baso Schomer: it would be just a region of land autoreturn
[11:23] Aston Schomer: no just have a thing above something which you dont want deleted
[11:23] Achilles Schomer: well this idea we'll put it up in the forum and then people who couldn't be here can have a say then we'll vote on it- ok?
[11:23] MarsBar9 Schomer: woop - one suggestion, the arena needs the simple sit script putting in
[11:23] Aston Schomer: yes
[11:23] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok
[11:23] Baso Schomer: aston, then we would have to return everyhtihing by hand
[11:23] MarsBar9 Schomer: can we move on?
[11:23] Aston Schomer: how?
[11:23] MarsBar9 Schomer: Achilles...
[11:23] Aston Schomer: i dont understand baso
[11:23] Achilles Schomer: yea nextitem
[11:23] Baso Schomer: Aston,
[11:23] Aston Schomer: oh forget it IM me
[11:23] Baso Schomer: Infact
[11:24] Baso Schomer: i no a better way
[11:24] Liony Schomer: because if some things said 'do not delete' the returner would have to return everything else by hand
[11:24] Baso Schomer: everything gets auto returned in the sandbox after a week
[11:24] Liony Schomer: instrad of just doing one sweep
[11:24] Achilles Schomer: is thereanythingbuildis in particluar people want to discuss
[11:24] Liony Schomer: yeah, the Castle
[11:24] Baso Schomer: its a simple terra-thjing
[11:24] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok
[11:24] MarsBar9 Schomer: what about it?
[11:24] Liony Schomer: I know it's not up yet
[11:24] Liony Schomer: I just want to get a yes or a no
[11:24] Achilles Schomer: is there any builds people want to discuss in detail
[11:24] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok
[11:24] Liony Schomer: before I start building
[11:24] MarsBar9 Schomer: hold on - bringing up the wiki as we speak
[11:24] Liony Schomer: ok
[11:24] Baso Schomer: to be honest liony....i would like ot see it first
[11:24] Baso Schomer: and havea prim estimate
[11:24] MarsBar9 Schomer: take the stand liony
[11:25] Aston Schomer: why do you want a castle liony?
[11:25] Liony Schomer: about 20 or so for the main tower
[11:25] Liony Schomer: because it would look nice? :P
[11:25] Liony Schomer: and cos it could be a landmark and a moonument
[11:25] Aston Schomer: how big and where abouts?
[11:25] Baso Schomer: i think guys
[11:25] Vibia Schomer: it would be good for the archaeology group
[11:25] Baso Schomer: and girls
[11:25] MarsBar9 Schomer: maybe you should suggest it to archiaeology?
[11:25] Liony Schomer: about .. ummmm
[11:25] Vibia Schomer: he he
[11:25] Baso Schomer: that we need to focus on prim limits
[11:26] Liony Schomer: this high
[11:26] Baso Schomer: its been a week and were a third of the way through the loimit
[11:26] Aston Schomer: yeah but where?
[11:26] Aston Schomer: on the islaand
[11:26] Aston Schomer: here?
[11:26] Achilles Schomer: baso we did have 3k prims at the start
[11:26] Liony Schomer: no :P
[11:26] MarsBar9 Schomer: I'm doing a prim count for our wiki page now
[11:26] Achilles Schomer: so we've used 2k in a week in a half
[11:26] Siobhan SParker: have you looked atht ethraed woop started about low prim building?
[11:26] MarsBar9 Schomer: brb
[11:26] Liony Schomer: on the smaller island between here and the volcano
[11:26] Baso Schomer: we need to think of essentiaol builds more than personal or just viewable builds
[11:26] Aston Schomer: but having a landmark
[11:27] Aston Schomer: is a good thing
[11:27] Baso Schomer: aston, how many landmarks are they
[11:27] Aston Schomer: the lighthouse wasnt essential
[11:27] Aston Schomer: everyone liked that
[11:27] Liony Schomer: I dunno, if it'll cause this much trouble then I won't do it
[11:27] Baso Schomer: i have at least twelve on the get me there system
[11:27] MarsBar9 Schomer: prim count done
[11:27] Aston Schomer: how do you do that mars?
[11:27] Baso Schomer: liony dont get me rong, i think it may be a very good idea
[11:27] MarsBar9 Schomer: right click the ground
[11:27] MarsBar9 Schomer: and select objects
[11:27] Baso Schomer: were next to 5000 out of 15000
[11:28] MarsBar9 Schomer: but it cant be a prim you click, must be grass
[11:28] MarsBar9 Schomer: 4868
[11:28] Siobhan SParker: afk
[11:28] Baso Schomer: just click the sim name at the top of the page
[11:28] Baso Schomer: its easier
[11:28] Liony Schomer: meh
[11:28] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:28] MarsBar9 Schomer: we need to enforce rules now peeps
[11:28] Aston Schomer: its just under 5000....
[11:28] Liony Schomer: I just thought a keep would look nice tis all#
[11:29] Achilles Schomer: right another topic, voting on builds - what rules should be in place for the aproval scheme
[11:29] Liony Schomer: brb
[11:29] Baso Schomer: and i think certain ppl think other things would look nice...but we need to be prim efficient
[11:29] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes - that we do
[11:29] Woop Kamachi: remember the marvellous learning curve you folks have enjoyed with regard to building. we'll need to have enough prims available for any new sparkers to enjoy that same learning curve
[11:29] Aston Schomer: oh theres plenty of prims!
[11:29] MarsBar9 Schomer: I think one weeks notice
[11:29] Baso Schomer: you can vote only once but you are encouraged state why you chose ur answer i think
[11:29] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes, but rules need to be in place so they aren't like we were
[11:29] Achilles Schomer: we do have 10k prims, we used a lot in sp1 in the first week but not 10k
[11:29] Baso Schomer: and you need to think of essentiality over wether it is nice
[11:30] Liony Schomer: back
[11:30] Achilles Schomer: we've actually done better than last tme
[11:30] Baso Schomer: i thiknk tho on all builds, it must blend in
[11:30] Achilles Schomer: and tbh the island looks better
[11:30] Aston Schomer: i think the main reason it was so bad last time was because of mars and skybase and all the random scho-op objects around
[11:30] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes ir does
[11:30] Baso Schomer: i dont think the scho-op / ss blends in well with scholympus
[11:30] MarsBar9 Schomer: well it doens't need to
[11:30] Baso Schomer: but then again..wich one would you change
[11:31] Vibia Schomer: not really
[11:31] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:31] Baso Schomer: i think it does
[11:31] Achilles Schomer: i thin the sch-op and ss could fit in better but they ain't that bad in all honesty
[11:31] Hapno Schomer is Online
[11:31] MarsBar9 Schomer: and anyway - I think they look quite good near here
[11:31] Baso Schomer: i agree
[11:31] Vibia Schomer: i dont think it really does..
[11:31] Baso Schomer: they are alright
[11:31] MarsBar9 Schomer: So,
[11:31] MarsBar9 Schomer: Can i just ask
[11:31] Vibia Schomer: theyre ok... its like a transition
[11:31] Baso Schomer: but being myself glass windows (tinted) dont fit in wiht ancent pillars lol
[11:31] MarsBar9 Schomer: Why are people voting against them in the polls?
[11:31] Liony Schomer: wasanything decided on the castle? :S
[11:31] Vibia Schomer: castle is good.....
[11:32] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:32] Achilles Schomer: liony we can start up a vote for the castle later this evening if you want
[11:32] Baso Schomer: brb
[11:32] Vibia Schomer: it would be good for archaeology group
[11:32] Liony Schomer: ok
[11:32] Liony Schomer: :)
[11:32] Aston Schomer: can we start a vote and discussion about the lighthouse?
[11:32] MarsBar9 Schomer: Right, the Schoop poll is being remad as there wasn't options for the existing ones
[11:32] Achilles Schomer: ok aston
[11:32] Liony Schomer: I vote yes :P
[11:32] Aston Schomer: because i REALLY liked the lighthouse
[11:32] Achilles Schomer: right speaking of polls
[11:32] Vibia Schomer: yes- i vote for the lighthouse
[11:33] Vibia Schomer: same
[11:33] MarsBar9 Schomer: and we need to narrow them down from all the ones we have to 2 or 3
[11:33] MarsBar9 Schomer: shall we say the lighthouse passed?
[11:33] Liony Schomer: yus :P
[11:33] Achilles Schomer: what rules should be place to see if a build has passed e.g time limit
[11:33] Aston Schomer: no...
[11:33] MarsBar9 Schomer: Achilles?
[11:33] Aston Schomer: because some people have objections to the lighthouse
[11:33] Achilles Schomer: and number of votes
[11:33] Aston Schomer: not me
[11:33] Aston Schomer: but some
[11:33] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes but looking at the forum. losts want it back
[11:33] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:33] MarsBar9 Schomer: and if everyone here wants it, that's equivalent to the needed votes
[11:34] Achilles Schomer: there isn't ten people mars
[11:34] MarsBar9 Schomer: nine
[11:34] Liony Schomer: I want it back, if Hapno agrees
[11:34] Achilles Schomer: and not everyone is here so it may not be 2-1
[11:34] MarsBar9 Schomer: hapno is somewhere
[11:34] Vibia Schomer: same
[11:34] Liony Schomer: brb
[11:34] Vibia Schomer: hapno......
[11:34] Achilles Schomer: evening hano
[11:34] Achilles Schomer: hapno
[11:34] Aston Schomer: just the man i wanted to see!
[11:34] Hapno Schomer: eh oh, everyinoe
[11:34] Aston Schomer: hapno we want your lighthouse back
[11:34] Woop Kamachi: seems like a poll would be required to get the numbers and give those that are not here the chance to vote
[11:34] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes,
[11:34] Hapno Schomer: my lighthouse?
[11:35] Hapno Schomer: I thought people hated it?
[11:35] Aston Schomer: ?!?!?!?!
[11:35] Hapno Schomer: whats brought this about an about face?
[11:35] Vibia Schomer: i love it..
[11:35] Achilles Schomer: yes we should have a forum poll and if people like it as they say then it can come back can't it
[11:35] MarsBar9 Schomer: actually it passed
[11:35] MarsBar9 Schomer: looking at wiki
[11:35] Achilles Schomer: did it?
[11:35] Aston Schomer: i think everyone here loves it
[11:35] MarsBar9 Schomer: the vote made it pass
[11:35] MarsBar9 Schomer: 2/1 doesn't matter
[11:35] MarsBar9 Schomer: so long as one is bigger than other
[11:35] Hapno Schomer: I thought 7 were needed
[11:35] MarsBar9 Schomer: so the lighthouse passed
[11:36] Liony Schomer: back
[11:36] MarsBar9 Schomer: 7 voted
[11:36] MarsBar9 Schomer: 3/4
[11:36] Vibia Schomer: yay
[11:36] Achilles Schomer: mars we need to have a one set of rules for everything not as peoples whim
[11:36] Hapno Schomer: what about the sumo platform, and the furniture in the Mango?
[11:36] Baso Schomer: aye hapno
[11:36] Achilles Schomer: 3/4 is agaisnt mars!
[11:36] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes, but I think we need to agree, that if yes outnumbers no, or vice versa, then it simply passes
[11:36] Liony Schomer: ??
[11:36] Aston Schomer: lets have a second vote
[11:36] Baso Schomer: ok
[11:36] Achilles Schomer: the sumo people seem to like
[11:36] Baso Schomer: Could i just have abit of a moonet to say something
[11:37] Achilles Schomer: we should have a second vote just to be fair on everything
[11:37] Achilles Schomer: go on baso
[11:37] Liony Schomer: yes you can have a moonet Baso :P
[11:37] Baso Schomer: you need to think of 3 golden rules really
[11:37] Decimus Schomer is Online
[11:37] MarsBar9 Schomer: No building without p and p,
[11:37] Baso Schomer: 1. What will be the impact on the environment (lag..looks...etc)
[11:37] Flying Cushion 1.2 whispers: By your command ... click again to engage. Type menu for options.
[11:37] MarsBar9 Schomer: vote must outnumber one of them
[11:37] Flying Cushion 1.2 whispers: All systems go !!
[11:37] MarsBar9 Schomer: well no, we have them already
[11:38] Decimus Schomer: hmm... **Wanders in**
[11:38] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:38] Aston Schomer: can i ask is it ok to build things like benches in scenic places?
[11:38] Vibia Schomer: hi dec
[11:38] Liony Schomer: ello Dec
[11:38] MarsBar9 Schomer: we need to think of three rules for building and votes
[11:38] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes aston
[11:38] Baso Schomer: 2. WEhat wil be its function (is it a god function ,will it serve as anything else than what is stated etfc
[11:38] Hapno Schomer: 1. dont let hapno build?
[11:38] MarsBar9 Schomer: because they are under 20 prims
[11:38] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:38] Liony Schomer: nah :P
[11:38] MarsBar9 Schomer: BASO!1!!! LISTEN
[11:38] Baso Schomer: 3. Do you like it
[11:38] Aston Schomer: because our new person here numerius has built a very lovely bench over there
[11:38] MarsBar9 Schomer: we have those rules already
[11:38] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:38] Liony Schomer: hehe
[11:38] Hapno Schomer: where?
[11:39] MarsBar9 Schomer: on the wiki and frounm
[11:39] Aston Schomer: at the opening to the harbour
[11:39] Liony Schomer: on the peninsula near the harbour
[11:39] Aston Schomer: and he would like to know if he can keep it?
[11:39] MarsBar9 Schomer: people are supposed to c and p tht text from wiki and add in their own bits
[11:39] Achilles Schomer: the rules so far are majority of 2-1 and minimum ten votes is this good or does someone have objections?
[11:39] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:39] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes because it is under 20 prims
[11:39] MarsBar9 Schomer: es I do
[11:39] Decimus Schomer: I think Explo outlined a better one, Aston
[11:39] Flying Cushion 1.2 whispers: Controls back to you
[11:39] Flying Cushion 1.2 whispers: By your command ... click again to engage. Type menu for options.
[11:39] Decimus Schomer: (not Aston)
[11:39] MarsBar9 Schomer: I tihnk so long as one vote (y or n) outnumbers the other one, it passes
[11:39] Flying Cushion 1.2 whispers: All systems go !!
[11:40] Decimus Schomer: (why did I think that? :P 'Twas Achilles)
[11:40] Liony Schomer: ??? :P
[11:40] Liony Schomer: twas it? :P
[11:40] Achilles Schomer: 2-1 is more convincing mars and a simple majority could change if people are away etc
[11:40] Achilles Schomer: thats why we have 2-1
[11:40] Liony Schomer: I agree with Achilles
[11:40] Decimus Schomer: The main thing with having it just so that it passes if there's more for it than against it, then as Achilles says, you can end up with the balance shifting too much...
[11:40] Liony Schomer: although make it 3-2, perhaps?
[11:40] Achilles Schomer: so its more convincing on the genral population rather than peope on a given day
[11:40] MarsBar9 Schomer: no I think it is much easier
[11:41] Aston Schomer: its so complicated!
[11:41] MarsBar9 Schomer: if y outnumbers no or vv
[11:41] Aston Schomer: why cant it just be simple
[11:41] Liony Schomer: ??
[11:41] Hapno Schomer: Because we are from NAGTY
[11:41] Achilles Schomer: 2-1 is simple
[11:41] Aston Schomer: if more vote yes then keep it
[11:41] Hapno Schomer: we have an imagine to upkeep!
[11:41] Aston Schomer: if more vote no then destroy it
[11:41] Vibia Schomer: nagty....
[11:41] Vibia Schomer: yay
[11:41] Aston Schomer: why does it have to be 2-1
[11:41] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:41] Achilles Schomer: right heres a suggestion (lt me speak)
[11:41] TibbyFairy Schomer is Online
[11:41] MarsBar9 Schomer: I agree aston
[11:42] Decimus Schomer: Explo outlined a better one - basically, as long as it has more than some > 100% amount of its fair share of the vote it passes - if there's at least 66% on a 2-vote poll, for example
[11:42] Decimus Schomer: (on a 2-option one, sorry)
[11:42] Achilles Schomer: wehave 2-1 for automatic pass and if itsmajority but not 2-1 then perhaps we have a comittee or something
[11:42] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:42] MarsBar9 Schomer: Why not kep is simple
[11:42] Liony Schomer: I was about to say, 66% with 2 votes? :P
[11:42] Decimus Schomer: and if you have three options, it's whichever has at least, say, 50%...
[11:43] MarsBar9 Schomer: baso stop it
[11:43] Achilles Schomer: on 2 optionsistshould be 2-1 but i'll budgeon greater option votes
[11:43] MarsBar9 Schomer: we don't need them - just say them
[11:43] Baso Schomer: i no, just scripting something fgs
[11:43] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:43] Liony Schomer: let's not get angry guys
[11:43] MarsBar9 Schomer: BASO we have those rules on the wiki already!
[11:43] Decimus Schomer: (though you do have the problem of you could have two with the pass percentage if there were enough options)
[11:43] Achilles Schomer: can we not get angry
[11:44] Decimus Schomer: I don't think saying 'don't get angry' will help much :p
[11:44] Achilles Schomer: its only a meeting
[11:44] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:44] Decimus Schomer: Playing some chilled music may :p
[11:44] Achilles Schomer: no need to have a heart attack
[11:44] Aston Schomer: thats the problem with being in nagty everyone has really strong opinions...
[11:44] Baso Schomer: Ok, could i propose somehithing
[11:44] Hapno Schomer: sadly, yes
[11:44] Achilles Schomer: yes baso
[11:44] Decimus Schomer: Yes, Baso?
[11:44] Liony Schomer: :S
[11:44] Decimus Schomer: ?
[11:44] Baso Schomer: I would like to organise a Prim Count Team,
[11:44] Liony Schomer: 8-|
[11:44] Vibia Schomer: would it be possible to have a breif outline of what has been decided on put on the wiki???
[11:44] MarsBar9 Schomer: we dont need one
[11:45] Baso Schomer: either that or replace the old one and have a vivid
[11:45] Baso Schomer: one
[11:45] Liony Schomer: we don't need one Baso
[11:45] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes vibia Im logging chat
[11:45] Baso Schomer: Marsbar let me speak
[11:45] Baso Schomer: we do need one
[11:45] Vibia Schomer: ok then.. sorry!!!
[11:45] MarsBar9 Schomer: the dos do one every friday
[11:45] Hapno Schomer: give your reasons, Baso
[11:45] Liony Schomer: you don't need one, all you need is one person to check the prim count every so often
[11:45] MarsBar9 Schomer: Baso - can you please understand, we as DO's have this covered
[11:45] Baso Schomer: ok, let ppl build, give them authorisation, think of the IMPACT, im sick ofsaying this word on everything
[11:45] MarsBar9 Schomer: you'd merely be taking away OUR job
[11:45] Baso Schomer: if we have a marina, if we have a lighthouse, it will all build up
[11:46] Baso Schomer: aspecially if th builders donthave there limit
[11:46] Aston Schomer: no it wont!
[11:46] Achilles Schomer: baso anyone can look at the rim count at any time
[11:46] Liony Schomer: A lighthouse won't be that much!
[11:46] Aston Schomer: they're tiny
[11:46] Hapno Schomer: it was 12 prims
[11:46] Baso Schomer: wow, the scho-op is only 100 prims, well so is the marina
[11:46] Baso Schomer: so is the sumo
[11:46] Baso Schomer: it all adds up
[11:46] Aston Schomer: as long as people dont leave random stuff around we'll be fine!
[11:46] Achilles Schomer: sumo is not 100prims
[11:46] Baso Schomer: aston no we wont
[11:46] MarsBar9 Schomer: Baso can you please listen to me - if we had a prim team you'd take away our job as DO;s
[11:46] Baso Schomer: i no Achilles
[11:46] Hapno Schomer: Mars! let him voice his opinion!
[11:47] Vibia Schomer: what rae DOs???
[11:47] MarsBar9 Schomer: I am
[11:47] MarsBar9 Schomer: Department officers
[11:47] Achilles Schomer: department officers
[11:47] Vibia Schomer: oh. right
[11:47] Baso Schomer: ok marsbar9, so you have al lthe power about this...thats like saying lets have the government without the green team
[11:47] Vibia Schomer: get it...
[11:47] MarsBar9 Schomer: no - im only saying
[11:47] Baso Schomer: i dont want this to have much to do with the government
[11:47] MarsBar9 Schomer: you would take away our job having a prim count team
[11:47] Decimus Schomer: Mars - we don't really need the DOs to do the prim counting - *anyone* can find the prim count and put it on the wiki or forum...
[11:47] MarsBar9 Schomer: there really is no need
[11:47] Baso Schomer: just a groupd hus dedicated to watching the prim limit
[11:48] Liony Schomer: no!
[11:48] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes precisely - but ehy do we need a group
[11:48] Aston Schomer: I'm sorry but for once I agree with Mars here!
[11:48] Baso Schomer: if it was me id only want this island to be 2 thirds on the limit
[11:48] MarsBar9 Schomer: tht is exactly what we do!
[11:48] Liony Schomer: you don't need more than one oerson to count prims
[11:48] Achilles Schomer: i agree on the need for green team but marsi right in that it would be more effiecent if we did our job
[11:48] Decimus Schomer: There's no need to have a group *or* a specific person or people to count the prims...
[11:48] Baso Schomer: ok...
[11:48] Baso Schomer: you do you jobs
[11:48] Decimus Schomer: (unless Baso's suggesting counting the prims in each build?)
[11:48] MarsBar9 Schomer: So in brief, we as DOs do it and put it on the wiki
[11:48] Baso Schomer: im saying that deci
[11:48] Baso Schomer: make sure we have regulators
[11:48] Decimus Schomer: Ah.
[11:48] MarsBar9 Schomer: we do
[11:48] Hapno Schomer: I suggest we look at the value of the build to the commiunuty
[11:49] Achilles Schomer: well we could still do that as part of pp
[11:49] Hapno Schomer: which is why I took down the lighthouse
[11:49] Baso Schomer: exactly hapno
[11:49] Baso Schomer: thats what ive been saying
[11:49] Baso Schomer: IMPACT
[11:49] Baso Schomer: one word and thats Impact
[11:49] Aston Schomer: things dont have to be necessary
[11:49] Aston Schomer: to be good builds
[11:49] Hapno Schomer: no
[11:49] Baso Schomer: i no aston
[11:49] MarsBar9 Schomer: and people are supposed to estimate how many prims the build will be
[11:49] Baso Schomer: i have many a good build
[11:49] Decimus Schomer: We can also encourage low-prim things like using sculpted prims. They're more detailed than multiple prims, too
[11:49] MarsBar9 Schomer: right
[11:49] Hapno Schomer: but you dont want 1000 prim building that dosent have any funtion
[11:49] Liony Schomer: yeah
[11:49] MarsBar9 Schomer: BACK ON TOPIC, we're slipping here folks
[11:49] Baso Schomer: exactly
[11:49] Achilles Schomer: the beach house is not necessary but it looks good
[11:49] Aston Schomer: of course
[11:49] Baso Schomer: marsbar
[11:49] Baso Schomer: were doing anyother buisness here and we are on topic
[11:49] Hapno Schomer: it does have a funtion
[11:50] Aston Schomer: can we please move on?
[11:50] MarsBar9 Schomer: yes but this meeting needs to end on time and we need to get thorugh everything
[11:50] Achilles Schomer: well we didn't agree on the voting precedure
[11:50] Vibia Schomer: voting poll wasn't it??
[11:50] MarsBar9 Schomer: Achilles may I take the stand?
[11:50] Achilles Schomer: certianlly
[11:50] Decimus Schomer: We don't *need* the meeting to end on time. I distinctly remember one meeting that was scheduled for 1h and lasted 1h45...
[11:50] Baso Schomer: the blue mango has a function ...a meeting place...but is it neccesery for al lthose prims, we need to have regualtors making sure what built is kept to appropriat limits and is being used fluently
[11:50] Hapno Schomer: that was probladlby due to the dancing
[11:51] MarsBar9 Schomer: thanks :-)
[11:51] Aston Schomer: lol
[11:51] Hapno Schomer: which reminds me, if we dont keep this thing upbeat, no one will be wanting to dance
[11:51] MarsBar9 Schomer: right
[11:51] Achilles Schomer: yes but thats included in our job
[11:51] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:51] MarsBar9 Schomer: can we summarise what we've said so far
[11:51] Aston Schomer: that would be good
[11:51] Decimus Schomer: Hapno - actually, there was no dancing. We just had so much stuff we ended up discussing that even then we didn't get through everything :p
[11:51] MarsBar9 Schomer: We have said...
[11:51] Achilles Schomer: so summary
[11:51] MarsBar9 Schomer: That....
[11:51] Aston Schomer: let himn speak!
[11:51] Hapno Schomer: every one i've been to, there has been dancing
[11:51] MarsBar9 Schomer: there are no problems with current builds
[11:51] Achilles Schomer: the sch-op situation must be looked at
[11:51] Decimus Schomer: (or, rather, we didn't completely get through everything we discussed)
[11:52] MarsBar9 Schomer: DECI!!!
[11:52] Baso Schomer: like i suggest each build if authorised may have upto 1000 prims, if it exceeds that, it must go onto another authorisation about adding more prims onoto it..and we must think.."Dos it need those extra prims to fullfil its function"
[11:52] MarsBar9 Schomer: leaveit till after
[11:52] Baso Schomer: upto 100*
[11:52] Hapno Schomer: wait
[11:52] Decimus Schomer: ?
[11:52] Hapno Schomer: I have a problem with that
[11:52] MarsBar9 Schomer: Right - can no-one speak, we need to summarise, and so everyone understands it, ill sumarrise
[11:52] Hapno Schomer: a big problem
[11:52] MarsBar9 Schomer: wt?
[11:52] Hapno Schomer: i've ordered 6 TARDIS'es from the Main Grid
[11:52] Hapno Schomer: i've spent my own money on them
[11:52] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:52] Hapno Schomer: and that was an aweful lot of money
[11:53] Aston Schomer: why????
[11:53] Decimus Schomer: Mars - you can summarise it without needing nobody to say anything
[11:53] Vibia Schomer: how can you get stuff from the main grid???
[11:53] Hapno Schomer: they are about 400 prims EACH
[11:53] MarsBar9 Schomer: So far we've said that we will look at the voting procedure, and the lighthouse is wanted back
[11:53] MarsBar9 Schomer: well dont ou think you should have applied planning
[11:53] Baso Schomer: Hapno..did you have authorisation ot build them here
[11:53] MarsBar9 Schomer: no-body wants something thts 400 big
[11:53] Hapno Schomer: they arnt built
[11:53] Decimus Schomer: We could have a poll on the forum about how to run polls ;) :p
[11:53] Baso Schomer: or are you just assuming everybody wants one
[11:53] MarsBar9 Schomer: or should I say small
[11:53] Hapno Schomer: they were going to be a suprise
[11:53] Hapno Schomer: for everyone
[11:53] Hapno Schomer: but it seems I may have a problem wit hthat
[11:53] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:53] MarsBar9 Schomer: right can we move on quickly
[11:54] Hapno Schomer: if we cant use them
[11:54] Hapno Schomer: thats 300 pounds of MY money gone down the pan
[11:54] MarsBar9 Schomer: I think that we only really said, we need to look into our procedures and our voting in more depth
[11:54] Baso Schomer: not really
[11:54] Vibia Schomer: well i tihnk it was a nice gesture.....
[11:54] Baso Schomer: cancel the order
[11:54] Achilles Schomer: £300?????
[11:54] MarsBar9 Schomer: correct?
[11:54] Hapno Schomer: I cant
[11:54] Decimus Schomer: Besides, they won't be out permanently, will they Hapno?
[11:54] Baso Schomer: he meens 30
[11:54] Aston Schomer: hapno what do these things do?
[11:54] Liony Schomer: jesus
[11:54] Hapno Schomer: they are already on there way
[11:54] Liony Schomer: £300????
[11:54] Hapno Schomer: they work as TARDIS'es, from Doctor Who
[11:54] MarsBar9 Schomer: well have you even asked peter?
[11:54] Hapno Schomer: yes
[11:54] MarsBar9 Schomer: or any of the community/
[11:54] Baso Schomer: exactly
[11:54] MarsBar9 Schomer: ?*
[11:54] Vibia Schomer: how can you get stuff from the main grid????
[11:54] Hapno Schomer: he's checking them
[11:54] Aston Schomer: and the point of them is....
[11:55] Hapno Schomer: my cosiun got them me
[11:55] Baso Schomer: vibia - just mirror it across via a linden
[11:55] MarsBar9 Schomer: Right - stop sidetracking please
[11:55] Hapno Schomer: and those of you here who are Dr. Who fans
[11:55] MarsBar9 Schomer: apologies for getting moody
[11:55] Vibia Schomer: who me????
[11:55] Woop Kamachi: it's far from that simple Baso
[11:55] Aston Schomer: sorry mars
[11:55] Baso Schomer: i no...just a summing up version
[11:55] Vibia Schomer: DW is almost my life.... =)
[11:55] Decimus Schomer: Mars - you can't stop people going off slightly. We do need to discuss this...
[11:55] Achilles Schomer: agree with deci this is a big thing
[11:55] MarsBar9 Schomer: well I think we've covered everything - yes?
[11:55] Vibia Schomer: ok sorry....
[11:55] MarsBar9 Schomer: everything we set out to cover I mean
[11:56] Decimus Schomer: (after all, it's part of the meeting thing - we're discussing the idea of how many prims to allow)
[11:56] Baso Schomer: Ok guys i suggest we stick to a fixed agenda for a meeting
[11:56] Hapno Schomer: anyone who wants a TARDIS, i'd like you to stay behind afterwards
[11:56] Baso Schomer: and vary the meeting subject everythime
[11:56] Achilles Schomer: well yes but lets discuss this then wrap up ok?
[11:56] Decimus Schomer: For many meetings that doesn't really work, Baso...
[11:56] MarsBar9 Schomer: thanks for comiung everyone
[11:56] Numerius Schomer: not a fully functional TARDIS? :P
[11:56] MarsBar9 Schomer: we'll look into the proecdures on the forum
[11:56] MarsBar9 Schomer: ok?
[11:57] Aston Schomer: does the tardis work properly?
[11:57] Decimus Schomer: People tend to raise a lot of points that also need covering during the meeting, so it very often overruns...