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Please date your entries!!!

Any news on problems or special events will be posted here. Feel free to add/take away things once they're mended or have happened. Please date your entries so we know when the news happened ! :-)

Virtual beach party 5 9 07

It's me and Decimus' birthday on the 6th september 2007, thats tommorow from now

It would be cool if you could attend a virtual beach party at the creation matrix (80, 222, 634) at 8:00 6th september


Another session is in the works, we already have a studio, we just need to think about how we can move forward with the sessions. Mars and Pigment will carry out the sessions, along with anyone else who can help. More on this soon.

Building and Planning meeting

Another will be organised soon to discuss how we can lower the prim count and to organise things like group sweeps.

PR Pictures Session

Mars is going to organise a session where we take loads of pictures of avatars posing, the builds and sessions. If we get enough we could update the press pictures page.

More on this soon.

Prisoner Escaped!

Siobhan stuck.JPG

Scho-op Conclusion

We are no longer accepting scho-op designs, sorry. But, we would like to ask you all to vote on the building and planning board to vote between which Scho-op you want to keep.

Problems in Lancashire!!

Just to inform you that Lancashire NGFL will not allow you to download the Second Life viwer as it is classified as a game. sorry Lancastrians

(posted Topper Schomer: 20 April 2007)