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Books! - Thursday 31st January, 7pm and 9pm (GMT)

Discussion. All welcome.

Please do help Rowan amend this record!

Details Participants - record of who came

Date: Thursday 31st January
Time: 6.50pm and 9pm(GMT)
Venue: SPbeta Lyceum arena
Max: All welcome

Organiser: Rowan

How enjoyable or useful are books today? Have new technologies made them redundant? Can we recommend any books to one another? One topic we may explore is the integration of books with new technologies - ways to find out about good books and how to get hold of them for free.

1 Vibia
2 Mars - I can actually make this - woo!
3 Topper Schomer
4 Roughbounds
5 Eli
6 Rowan
7 <add your name if you were there>
8 <replace this text with your avatar name>
9 <replace this text with your avatar name>
10 <replace this text with your avatar name>


Rowan's pc suddenly crashed and so all notes were lost. Can we add to this - add your name if you came and add any book recommendations that were made:
Complete Illustrated world encyclopedia of archaeology
James Kelman "How late How Late it Was", also "You have to be careful in the land of the Free"
Eric Blair (Gerorge Orwell Killing an elephant
Jeremy Clarkson's opinions
Andy McNab's novels
Any By Simon Scarrow
The boy in striped pyjamas – James Boyne

We couldn't think of a book about the contemporary phenomenon of chavs.

Other topics included: exciting railway journeys, emos on Youtube, and archaeology, especially in York.

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