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Book Writing (1) - Thursday 22 November, 8-9pm GMT

Members of the Schome staff have been commissioned to produce a book on Virtual Worlds for the US Publishers, Nova Science. Come and get involved in writing one of the chapters.

Details Participants

Date: Thursday 22 November
Time: 8-9pm GMT
Venue: Newcomer's Centre
Max: 15

Organiser: SParkers with support from Euphloozie

Come and find out about the Virtual Worlds book and how you can be involved. Find out more about writing for publication, about academic writing. Help to spread the word about Schome to a wider audience.

1 Euphloozie Phlox
2RoughBounds Sparker
3 achilles schomer
4 Marko Schomer
5 Kali Schomer

Notes from the meeting

notes for next meeting (staff)

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