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What is a bliki?

A bliki is like a blog - only it's a wiki. This makes it very different to a blog:

Blogs are
  • written by one main person (no one else can edit that person's entries), but other folk can add comments
  • always in chronological order (you cannot choose the structure)
Blikis are
  • written by as many people as want to contribute (anyone who is logged in can edit anyone else's entries)
  • not necessarily in chronological order (though, of course, this is what really makes them into blikis - if they weren't in chronological order they'd be wikis)

(This definition is ours for this site; of course there are many examples of collaboratively written blogs elsewhere.)

Blikis about the Schome community

  • The schome community history - tells (part of) the story of how schome developed (feel free to add any key events)
  • The schome techy bliki - tells how we developed the technical infrastructure to support the schome community (and identifies/discusses lots of different collaborative/communications technologies)
  • Schitanic Blog - tells how we recreated the Titanic in machinima form

Blikis about Schome and Second Life

Home educators' blikis

Other blikis related to Schome

Want to start your own bliki?

If you are registered with the schome wiki you will automatically have been allocated your own user page. When logged in, you can always get to your own user page by clicking on your user name which appears at the top of each page just under the browser menu bars.

You can turn your user page into a bliki by starting each new entry with a title which contains the date and some information about the subject of that entry. New entries should come at the top. Don't forget to add your bliki to the list at the top of this page.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use your userpage in this way, then edit your userpage:

  1. Add "[[/Bliki|My bliki]]" somewhere on your page
  2. Save your changes
  3. Click the link you created to start to edit your new bliki
  4. Optionally, add the bliki to the list of blikis here.