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If you are interested in bidding for this then feel free to discuss it in the ICT in Education discussion board.

Research 2: Harnessing Technology Local Authorities Survey

Becta invites tenders for a research project to conduct a national survey of local authorities in England and overseas territories (Jersey, Guernsey, Falkland Islands), aiming to: assess the extent to which, and the way in which, local authorities support the use of ICT in schools, and; what support local authorities need to realise their aims and policies in supporting use of ICT in schools.

This research focuses on the following three key areas:

  • Strategy and leadership.
  • Infrastructure and procurement.
  • Support and development.

In addition, the project may address the subjects of communications with Becta and the Self-review framework.


Recent evidence indicates that, notwithstanding changes in funding routes for ICT in education, local authorities are still an important partner for schools in realising support in this field. This counts for primary schools in particular. Therefore, for Becta, it is crucial to understand processes and perceptions in relation to this at local authorities-level, as they are increasingly understood to be an essential part of its delivery chain of the Harnessing Technology strategy. This survey, which was conducted this year (2007) for the first time, will help Becta gather further information in respect of relevant indicators. Its ultimate aim is to be in a position to better support local authorities.

The focus of the survey is especially wide, and includes sections on strategy and leadership, infrastructure, support and communication and Becta and its self-review framework. These areas indirectly relate to several objectives of the Harnessing Technology strategy (refer to, p. 8) but data from the survey will directly contribute to greater understanding of the extent to which the following objectives are being achieved:

           1.2 Institutions and providers plan and manage technology for learning effectively and sustainably 
2.3 Technology-enabled learning environments are secure, supported and interoperable
4.5 There is good use of information to support learner transitions between institutions and sectors

Included in the scope are all, around 150, local authorities in England plus overseas territories (Guernsey, Jersey and the Falkland Islands). The 2007 survey yielded a relatively high response rate (estimated 46%), and the new survey is expected to yield a similar response rate. It will be implemented against a background of further devolvement of funds for ICT in education from local authorities- to school level.

The Project

Becta wishes to commission a suitably-qualified contractor to implement a large scale survey, probably by way of an online survey questionnaire on a secured server, to collect information on local authorities' support of ICT in education. The initial contact point for the researchers will be the local authorities' Directors of Children Services (DCS). The researchers will be responsible for all chasing activities necessary for the successful discharge of this project, including reminders via e-mail and telephone. They will also be responsible for the full cycle of research design: data collection, analysis, including time series comparisons with data from the last survey, and reporting. This will include a personalised (2 A4) report for each participating local authority and an executive summary.

Expressions of interest are welcomed from organisations which:

  • Have proven organisational capacity to conduct a (national) survey of this scale.
  • Can yield high response rates without offering (financial) incentives.
  • Devise a solid analysis plan that will relate survey data to current policies in the field.
  • Can guarantee security of the survey data.
  • Have demonstrated affinity with the field of ICT in education.

Project Size (£)

A     0 - 50k
B    30k - 80k
C    50k - 100k
D    80k - 150k
E   100k - 180k
F   150k - 230k
G   200k - 300k
H   250k - 350k
I   300k - 400k
J   350k - 450k
K   400k - 500k

This project is in band C. Note that these bands are indicative. Tenderers will have the opportunity to offer options that have prices both within and outside the band indicated.

Expressions of Interest

Pre-qualification questionnaires can be obtained via email from stating in the subject header 'PQQ Request Research 2' and must be completed and returned by no later than 13:00 hours on Thursday 5th July 2007 Following evaluation of questionnaires received Becta expect to issue a copy of the invitation to tender to selected parties around Wednesday 11th July 2007 with submission of tenders around Thursday 26th July 2007.

If you are interested in bidding for this then feel free to discuss it in the ICT in Education discussion board.

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