Bad things in the Second Life world

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When bad things happen to good avatars

Wow. cool section. People want to sign if it's happened to them, or if it's their story, in case somebody else wants to chat more about it? --Mgaved 15:05, 1 December 2006 (GMT)

Falling UP!

Ok, REALLLLLLY weird thing happened to me...I was just running about the place, when suddenly, WHOOSH!, up I went! I think the flight feather had a part in this, as I only really came down after I turned off flying, which was add, as i'd never turned it on :S.


Getting legless

Legless.gif I was relaxing by the pool at Waterworks when I thought perhaps I should teleport to the pub ready for the night's meeting. Unfortunately, I forgot to stand up first, so I arrived in the pub car park and found myself lying face down, unable to get up, and gently stroking the tarmac. Not the coolest way for everyone else to find me! The picture shows me after I teleported to Svarga in the same position - where I spent some time looking like someone overcome by the effects of a large magic mushroom. Marie

Getting trapped

Engine glitch or construction one, Vlad trapped in a wall:



War. Some people like it more than sex/love it seems. Tried to find Cetlment Island without success, then fell into a war zone. Started having lifepower (a heart with a percentage), somebody shooting at me, projecting me away into the sea, then following me, running, shooting, hateful, killed me again, before I teleported.


While I was on the CETLment island some people came along in a spaceship type thing and a helicopter and started to bug me. They dropped cages from the sky which trapped someone on the island. They obviously have more time on their hands than I do! (copied from Olly's userpage)

Batman.jpg Yes, I was in the underwater house off Cetlment island and I could vaguely hear explosions and see flashes of light. When I emerged, this Batman guy arrived and said 'Don't shoot me'. Then some disembodied voice gave me 15 seconds to leave the island. Marie

Another attack, 3rd December Vlad {| |- | VladtGettingShotOnCetlement.jpg | That explains it. I was on the island with Vlad as he got knocked into the water by a flying thing. I then got caught in a cage surrounded by a brick room. As looked around, big explosions started coming in through the walls (together with the sound-effects) so I teleported away and then back again. GillC |}

So does this mean that anyone could come and start some kind infinate particle script which would crash the island? --Olly 19:46, 4 December 2006 (GMT)

Popped onto Cetlment earlier today and also got myself caged by invaders. This gives a really bad impression, and highlights the problems with completely open and uncontrolled spaces. Reg particle scripts, my understanding was particles are executed at the client end, so will not crash the sim, however yes, in theory I guess you can write other kinds of script (such as infinitely replicating objects) that could take down a sim in any area that is fully open to building. --Dan 19:49, 4 December 2006 (GMT)

They were part of a group (Halo group) who 'thought' that Cetlment was an OK place to play coz that was what they'd been told. One had joined the OU group apparently (no idea why!) but had no idea what OU was and he found Cetlment from there and was under the impression it was OK to play there. I had a looooong conversation with them yesterday about why it wasn't OK to come and play on Cetlment and sent them off to play nicely somewhere else. They did promise not to come back.....

I've removed all their objects (including the wretched cages) and hopefully they will stay away. We can prevent much of this by limiting build options but while everyone is enjoying building and being imaginative that seems a shame. We can also carve up the island and just give building rights to certain people/groups in certain places as a temporary meaure as well.--Jacquie 13:49, 6 December 2006 (GMT)

Nice work Jacquie. It was a real pain logging on and visiting CETLment to try and do something constructive only to find yourself constantly caged or being blown across the landscape. --Dan 14:01, 6 December 2006 (GMT)

Is there some way we can have a noticeboard or some flag/ screen message that pops up when you enter CETL to tell people that it's an educational space, please treat it as such? --Mgaved 16:23, 6 December 2006 (GMT)
This was done using very simple weapons on the main simple even i could of made them...and thats saying something...shows that big things truly do come in small pacages :P

- Baso

Scary avatars

Dropped in on CETLment and thought I might have had my chips. Nogbad was there, but there was another green dot so I trundled over to see if it was anybody I might know.

There was quite a fearsome looking thing - a bit like a black, shiny armoured soldier with a big helmet. Kind of unfinished. It had something like CSS Scripter - paperclip instead of a name. As I hovered around watching it, it produced a big gun which was a little disconcerting but I hung on. I figured that if it was having the same slow response time as I was, then I could probably dodge anything it fired at me before it arrived.

Next, it seemed to create some James Bond style flying black shiny pod thing with two engines on either side. It moved its arm around and then got in the machine. The machine took off and it seemed to have one arm raised inside but I couldn't be sure. I suspected that it might be waving. Then the machine took off, dipped its nose at me and flew away. GillC

New Paperclip, Baker Racer, Komet Comet and USS Butozova are all part of the Halo group. All have been asked politely to go away and know that further such actions/use of guns etc on Cetlment is not on. They seemed very understanding about the issues so fingers crossed!--Jacquie 13:52, 6 December 2006 (GMT) the last airy fairy communist liberal

Unexpected nudity

Was in the junkyard trying clothes, suddenly no trousers anymore, was looking for another one. The kind of thing you don't care about in any other environment. Here was feeling a bit guilty but thinking no one would notice. When somebody rushed to me shouting, 'Hey!' Ok, got the message, no more nudity, one is not invisible. (happened to Vlad)

Unexpected invisibility

Last night (30/11) I logged in to take some screenshots for a presentation. Imagine my surprise when the av wasn't rendering and all that was visible was my hat and glasses! Loged out and in a few times but they were clearly having problems with the grid - couldn't tp to any other sim either - so I left it. Nigel


After successes yesterday in the Second Life world, I was a bit disconcerted to find that I had trouble sleeping. I spent most of the night in a sort of half-sleep permeated with images from in-world. It's now 10:30 and I'm just about managing to clear these images from my mind.

  • Perhaps I played too late in the evening (9pm).
  • Maybe some people are more susceptible to the visual imagery than others.
  • The Second Life environment has many stimuli most of which are out of our control.
  • It can be disconcerting to be approached by unknown avatars whose motivation you are unsure of.

If we are considering using the Second Life virtual world as a vehicle through which we interact with children, we need to find out if this could be a common reaction and also what triggers it.

Sad things

Too much gambling and casinos, too much emphasis on making money. Sad, but also a relevant critique. If we're using the SL world as a learning environment, we need to be aware of its cultural norms and emphases. We're going to have to work with this. --Mgaved 15:06, 1 December 2006 (GMT)

The bits that worry me more are the sex/pornography bits. I can kind of cope with the capitalist ethos of SL residents, but find this side of things deeply disturbing. It's not only the "furries" but also those who run places like s&m clubs on the main grid which hold meetings etc. I managed to teleport to one by mistake once (trust me, it really was by mistake) and when I arrived the first thing a dominatrix furry asked me was whether I was dominant or submmissive......

Now that kind of thing is a real issue for a learning environment.--Jacquie 14:52, 6 December 2006 (GMT)

Absolutely, and for me this is one of the key reasons the teen/main grid separation is a GOOD thing. Because we have to remember that, whatever our personal tastes and reasons for being in the SL world, it is NOT a learning environment for educators and learners, it is a completely open virtual world for any and all that wish to visit. And that means taking the rough with the smooth. However to look at things positively, like in the real world it is often the knowledge of people creating things for the, shall we say, "specific-interest" groups that filters its way through to the wider market. Inadvertently then, the educators probably end up with skills/knowledge/objects/scripts becoming widely available that first started because of a demand in a completely different area. PS: we really do believe your teleport was by mistake ;-) --Dan 15:09, 6 December 2006

Indeed. I think one difference between the real world and the Second Life world is that the barriers (social, architectural...) between various activities are much thinner, there's not the zoning that you get in real life between places for various activities and gatekeepers that you have to pass through before entering. I have been exploring randomly by looking at the map for places where people are clustered and teleporting there to get a feel of what drives SL - resulting in me also bumping into stuff that you wouldn't want to take a 'school trip' to. I'm rather surprised there isn't an interface screen for more adult activities which some sort of description and advisory notes you have to click on before you enter but I guess the current set up makes money for Linden Lab so they aren't going to change it. I suppose Linden Lab's approach is a laissez-faire wild west approach: "you're all adults so you decide". --Mgaved 16:10, 6 December 2006 (GMT)


I'm a Second Life newbie (about 5 days old as of this post) and was trying to amass some Linden dollars in order to upgrade my Avatar. I went into the middle of a big camping park and stood next to a camping statue. There was another Avatar on the other side of the statue also waiting for it to become available. When he saw me, he spent the next two hours trying to knock me out of the park. No matter where I stood (there were other statues in the park) he decided he didn't want me to be there. I eventually had to log out. --Scifiguy 13:00, 23 November 2007(EST)