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Assault course

It was suggested that we created a game for schome park at a gamers meeting in sp1 the idea that came up was an assault course with various different levels

The educational benefit of this would be teaching the new sparkers how to get around and in turn give a sort of tour of schome park (the course could be adapted to go round some of the main features but don't worry, I wouldn't build anything that gets in the way of the main areas)

Lower Building Development

This is a developed idea of the version submitted towards the bottom of the page. Please give feedback here Personally I think additional roof decor is required in order to stop this design being blocky.

Assault course base.jpg

draft 1 upper building

consists of 5 cubes each of about 30m in height width and length tunnels connect each one roof is grassed for use for any purpose Upper building.jpg Upper building2.jpg

draft 1 lower building

quick explanation, this design was based at 40m wide and length with 25m height this can change obviously more intrested in like of design than space atm

right heres three pictures for the ground level design, just a quick drawing but you can get the idea

Pyramid design 1.jpg

  • The colour here is sandstone (or a bad impression of it)

Pyramid design 2.jpg

  • golden glass - really like this design

Pyramid design 3.jpg

  • normal glass

the old design

The course length (and prims required) would very much vary due to landscape issues

so... here's my very quick draft

Assult design.JPG

ahem right, better explain it the obstacles shown is one suggestion of a continous course, not all things here have to be built

1. the course starts near scholympia at the green mark there, the first task is walking, and basically a new version of the old blue boards walk, the final board has a moving beam which teaches people to jump

2. at the next black area is the first "base" which is an entry to the course (coded door for entry?) also there is a yellow mark whch is an item that gives a reward so there is a point to doing the course

3. same as before but more tougher (maybe some other obstacle's I haven't thought of?)another reward here

4. the next area teaches flying, and they have to get from block to block, reward after third flight (suggestion: flight feather?)

5. from here, less equipment is required, if the marina was located at the long red mark then an idea for a task would be to sail to the volcano island using the boats that would be provided.

6. a challenge at the volcano? maybe the zip line that was mentioned in the enviroment thread?

7. another reward and a mental challenge perhpas a labyrinth

8. at this point my current ideas are out so i finished the course but other people can suggest ideas?

the course is pretty flexible so i'm welcome to any ideas!