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As part of the 'provocations' strand of The Aspire Pilot we are working with two 'partner projects' in order to collaboratively develop techniques/approaches/activities that help young adults envision what schome (the education system for the Information Age) should be like.

Each of our 'partner projects' is based in one or more secondary schools - and we are working with some of the young adults within those schools to develop these 'conceptual tools'.

St Boniface's College

St Boniface's in Plymouth are the lead player in Plymouth, but may be joined by some students from Notre Dame, which is their sister school.

Check out StBonifaces at - looks likely that we will do something that draws on their experience of podcasting (see - but early days yet - so watch this space.

Check out:

Woodlands school

Approximately 15 Year 9 students from Woodlands are working on the Aspire Pilot. This group had their first Aspire Pilot meeting on the 8th May.

Check out the Woodlands' students' schome visions.
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