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Peter Twining (co-director)

I'm a senior lecturer in education at The Open University (UK) - The Aspire Pilot is the most exciting aspect of my work at the moment, tying in as it does with schome. My whole career has been focussed on ways of enhancing the education system, though for part of it this got mixed up with an overemphasis on ICT!
For more info on me and the things that I get up to check out my CV page.
To contact me via email:

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Anna Craft (co-director)

I am a Reader in Education at The Open University (UK). With a background in primary teaching, curriculum development and teaching/researching in universities, I have a longstanding interest in issues surrounding creativity in education, working with practitioners, young people, policy makers and other researchers. In 2001, I co-founded the Open Creativity Centre For more information, check out Anna's homepage.
To contact me via email:

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Kerry Chappell (Project Officer)

I recently took up the post of Project Officer on the Aspire Pilot as I have a keen interest in expanding thinking about how we develop 'education' fit for the 21st century. With a background in dance education, a discipline often marginalised within current systems and agendas, I am keen to contribute to re-thinking educational possibilities. Alongside the Aspire Pilot, having just completed my AHRC funded PhD on creativity in primary age dance education at Laban; I am working on various projects as a freelance researcher, evaluator and project manager focused on dance education, the creativity agenda in teaching/learning and wider issues in arts education.
To contact me via email:
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