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Artificial Intelligence Workshop Group Session - 23rd April at 7:30pm
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Date: 23rd April 2007
Time: From 7:30pm 'til 8:30pm
Venue: Zen Garden

Organisers: Elsa and Siobhan

In this session we talked about the Turing test.
Professor Ken, of Buena Vista University in Iowa, has very kindly given us his script for running a chatbot in the Second Life world. We demo'd our own Scho-bot and then gave out scripts for everyone to make their very own bot.

This evening’s workshop was brilliant - thanks Schomers!

For those who were not able to attend - some information and tips;

To get your own bot and start training it (think tamagotchi)...

To use the chatbot you need to first create a chatbot on the pandorabots web wite. Go to You will be asked to create an account. Once this is done you can click on ’create’. You can select one of several default databases or create your own. We recommend you use Dr Wallace’s A.L.I.C.E to start with. You can spend as much or as little time as you want ’training’ your bot to responsd to what it hears and you can set its ’properties’ by clicking the links on the page. When you are satisfied with the bot’s performance be sure to ’publish’ the bot. ’’’Unless you ’publish’ or ’re-publish’ your bot your changes will not take effect even though you can see them while you are in ’training’ mode.’’’

To connect the external pandorabot to your in-world chatbot you need to know the ’bot ID’ number which is on the URL line you see when you publish your bot or access it through the web, after the = sign in the URL on the page when you have published. This stays the same once your bot is created so you don’t need to keep changing it if you republish your bot.

Then, edit the ’setup’ notecard to have three lines.

The first line is your desired bot name.

The second line is the bot id.

The third line is just blank.

It should look something like this:

World’s best bot


After configuring the setup you need to rezz the bot or restart the script. You can do this by picking up the bot and rezzing it again or by editing the script and hitting ’reset’.

Touch the bot to activate or hush it.

Try talking to it to make sure it’s working.

If it says things like ’I am not feeling very chatty right now’ it probably means you have not entered the correct bot id number and/or reset the script. Recheck that. See if you can reach your bot on the web using the URL with the bot id number you entered.

Finally you may wish to edit the bot prim itself to make it look more like a bot and to give it a name matching the name on the setup card. You can be as creative as you like with building the world’s best bot!

Useful links for you******** (obscured) – training your bot - creating a bot********** (obscured) – properties of your bot (NB You get one set of pages/bot you create) information about A.L.I.CE in the Second Life world information about Linden AIML for any AI programmers among you

SParkers present and now the proud owners of bots:
Trixxiee Schomer
Hapno Schomer
Decimus Schomer
Wheelo Schomer
Liony Schomer
XxDaisylouxX Schomer
Professor Schomer
Explo Schomer
Aston Schomer
Vibia Schomer
Achilles Schomer
Flio Schomer
Faz Schomer
Mirage Schomer
Vibia Schomer
Baso Schomer

If you came to the session please let us know what you thought of it, and how you're getting on with your bot!

  • I really enjoyed this session! Professor Ken must be super clever to program bots...maybe he's a robot pretending to be a human. Any chance of another session? - Wheelo Schomer
  • The session was really good I learnt a lot and had good fun. Elliot is now learning quickly, well when Flio isn't blowing his fuse!!! =) Have now discovered the robots can talk to each other!!! - Vibia Schomer