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info, goals and pictures coming soon

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The Schome Park Technology Centre, more widely known as the SPTC is a Schome Park project that took over from the A.I emporium project. The SPTC create, develope, test and provide for free quality peices of technology for the whole schommunity. In September 2007 Faz Schomer and Baso Schomer thought up the idea for the project and got to work along with Decimus Schomer, the A.I emporiums' co-owner. The concept poll passed with an astounding 12 votes to none, the idea was a big success. Now all that was left to do was sort out a design.

Faz, Baso and Marsbar9 all submitted designs, much different in style. After much debate Baso and Faz put an end to the arguments by designing the SPTC castle you can see now today. The poll was settled and the castle got planning permission, along with it's small park.

The SPTC host an Archiving service where you can back up and store safely all your precious Schome Park II items, buildings and scripts in the vaults. For more information on Archiving please see paragraph 4.

Our aim at the SPTC is to produce items that on the Second Life main Grid and Teen grid people would pay for and give them away for free, if you have any ideas for products then please relay them to us. We'd love to help!

Here at the Schome Park Technology Centre we're always up for getting involved with other projects and events. If you would like us to help in any way then we'll consider it and reply back to you.
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Technology Group

The Schome Park Techonology Group can be split up into roles.

  • SPTC member (everyone)
  • SPTC ambasadors (officers)
  • SPTC managers (owners)
  • archive
  • Beta Testers
  • services
  • research
  • Park Rangers
  • Marketing
  • Website Developement
Name Roles
Faz Schomer SPTC manager + all other roles
baso Schomer SPTC manager
Decimus Schomer SPTC manager
Kali Schomer member
Professor Schomer Officer, member
Edi Schomer Website Developement, member
marsbar9 Schomer member
Wheelo Schomer member
Emodalek Schomer member
Explo Schomer member
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer member
Achilles schomer member/beta tester

Maps and Content

Maps and diagrams coming soon.

Ground floor - Lobby and info

first floor - Shop and displays

third floor - SchomeTECH roof-lounge

fourth floor - roof

basement- nerve centre and vaults


Back Up Your Buildings and Items With SPTC Archiving™

Ever think to yourself where on earth did i put that object?

Do you often lose items due to your second life client?

Do you wish there was an easy way to store all your good items in a single prim along with everyone elses?

well.... Now there is!

The Schome Park technology centre offers Schome it's first in-world archiving system to store and back up all your precious items in Schome Park.

'How To Archive'

Ok, so you're ready to archive! Follow these simple steps and soon you'll be on your way to archiving.

1. Create a folder named 'your avatar name'

2. place the contents of your choice into the folder

3. Open the search menu and under 'people' search for either 'Faz Schomer', 'baso Schomer' or 'Decimus Schomer'.

4. Drag your new folder into the box saying 'drop inventory item here'

5. One of the SPTC managers will then archive your folder in the SPTC archiving vaults.

6. Every time you add 5+ items to your folder you should send the updated folder to the SPTC by repeating stages 2, 3 and 4. We will then replace your old folder with your new one.

SPTC Vehicle Range

Jetski.jpg The SPTC Jetski - A small, lightweight jetski perfect for the SPII waterways

Hybrid.jpg The SPTC Hybrid Evolution - A multipurpose vehicle that drives, sails, flies and warps

Silverlight.jpg The SPTC SilverLight 1.1 - The first SPTC car

Hovershark.jpg The SPTC HoverShark 1.0 - A hoverboard perfect for loop the loops


http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/3158/hudsptcwhitebackgroundvu5.jpg Exclusive preview! The iHUD

The New iHUD will be hitting schome Park II soon, possibly the ultimate HUD conataining an AI chatbot, a calendar, a vehicle rezzer, a calculator, simulator stats, notes, a clock, a mailing service, an upgrades service, wind direction/radar, fireworks, setting and help and extras.

Visit Us In-world!

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(please do not attempt to use this link yet, it may result in SL login problems)