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Schome marina in SPi Have you ever wanted to sail around the island? Have you ever wanted to use the Scho-op's boats? Want to develop your own boats? Want organised events? Then look no further for schome marina is here!

[edit]What goes on here? There are many docking points here at the marina for you to leave your boats for storage or to use as a handy access point to the sea. We also arrange regattas for fun and serious competition (see below) and there is always the oppotunity to develop your own boats with the help of others. There are lots of SParkers and Schomers alike that have gained an interest in sailing, and several have now begun to "develop" their boats.

[edit]Regattas There have been two and a half regattas so far, both being an amazing night for all. The events in the latest regatta were the powerboat and sails time trials, and a fun race, where there was no winner. The course was a little confusing to say the least. We are hopiung to run a race 'league' so to speack

[edit]TMA team the marina is run by the TMA team who are

Topper schomer Mirage schomer achilles schomer but anyone is able to take part. The marina team has almost everyone on the island on it giving all messages on it a wide viewing If any wants to send a message feel free to let a officer know.

[edit]The Marina Group There is a group called The Marina Group. Anyone can join this but it is run by the TMA team. For more details please see someone in-world or talk to one of the Officers (Topper or Achilles)

[edit]MARINA RULES A reminder: please don't litter your boats about in or around the marina this makes sailing very difficult for everyone. Also please keep your terminology right, powerboats are different to dingies. The yachts (yot-s) in the scho-op are powerboats while the boats with sails are called dinghies (din-gi-s).


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