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First things first, who would like to participate? Please add your name below! All are welcome. Also add what you are either good at or interested in learning!

Interested Participants

  • Jpskater777- somewhat good at building. Wants to learn how to script and create somthing really cool.
  • Yankee Sparker - good at planning, communicating, organizing. Wants to learn building, scripting

Please Join Our Build Group

We have created a group for the build called American Clubhouse Build Team. This will allow us to modify each other's prims. Membership is free. The only requirement of joining is you must be an active member of the build. Thanks!

Planning Process

Ok ... here is where we stand!

So far this project has been pass Planning Permission which is great but it is also on rez on demand this means if it does not get much usage it will be erased so if we can do a great job on this wont be a problem. We also have a spot on the ground where we can build though i dont know where. Though it has been more recommended that we start building in the sky then move it to the ground. We're all going to be learning and experimenting which is good. We will be doing some great work which we'll want to save if we can.

P.S How about we set a time to go in-world and come up with some basic design ideas, then build what we can and see how it works?


Jpskater777 (man this is hard making a wiki page lol )