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This is a list of projects that we have agreed to focus on, with SMART targets.
If you have a suggestion for a project then start a new topic in the Second Life Project proposals board in the forum.
For other project ideas check out the Second Life Projects page or for a list of places where folk are documenting what they are doing in Second Life go to the 'What are we doing' bit of the Second Life page.

S pecific
M easurable
A chievable
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T imed

New list: 8 January 2007

  • Discussion areas (archipelago)
  • Presentation area (the arena)
  • Reception area with notice boards
  • Interactive noticeboards
  • Plaza
  • Signpost survey
  • Co-operative store
  • Human projectiles
  • DIY photobooth
  • Basic SL skills (replaces caves)
  • Prisoner's dilemma
  • Library
  • Sensors
  • Schomer Pidgeon
  • Sonic racetrack
  • DIY race track
  • Games stadium
  • Building platform
  • Help desk

The Cannon

Who Olly
What Develop a cannon (that fires people?) and which users can adjust various setting for.
Why So folk can explore issues to do with forces in an interactive and interesting way.
When by Agreed in schome SL players meeting 3 on 4th Dec 06

Due to be completed by: Hmm - soon?!

Progress This is coming along nicely, there are 2 working versions in the centre of the island with instructions on my work page. Let me know what you think. See Olly's userpage

The signpost survey

Who Vlad
What Develop signs which folk can take and record their views on school (I <love, like, don't mind, dislike, hate)school because <free text>. Data about what folk have recorded on thier sign will be reflected in shape of sign and summary of data from all signs will be displayed on big noticeboard.
Why To focus folk on thinking about education systems.

To provide data about what folk feel about school

When by Agreed in schome SL players meeting 3 on 4th Dec 06

Due to be completed by: Hmm - soon?!

Progress See Vlad's userpage

Cloud bank 9

Who Scripting - Dan

Clouds - I think Jacquie said she had made some we could use

What Develop a meeting place, with clouds as chairs which float over SchomeBase/Schome Park and move around each other like a slow swarm.
Why PeterT gets these silly ideas ...
When by Agreed in schome SL players meeting 3 on 4th Dec 06

Due to be completed by: Hmm - soon?!


11th-Dec-06 Dan has been working on swarming and thinks that the same or similar code could control the clouds. Question is 'where are the clouds?'
Update: very much a 'prototype' but there is a plinth upon which I've placed eight chairs. Now I haven't bothered looking at how to get people to sit properly yet, so please do the following. Stand infront of the chair, right click the 'seat' and choose 'Sit Here'. You should now be sitting on the chair. Now just touch the chair once (.ie. left click it) and you should take off into the sky). Touch it once more and you will return to ground level. Stand up and walk away (hopefully) without any injuries. A couple of screenshots below so you know what to look out for (added a more ornamental gold surrounding last night, and re-coded the chairs to go slightly further from the starting point).
NB: if any of the chairs are 'missing' look up into the sky for them. Just touch them (.ie. left click on them, which you can do from the ground) and they will fly back down. Just don't stand under them or SPLAT!)

Cloud1.jpg Cloud2.jpg Cloud3.jpg

Gill, Anesa and Rebecca tried them out. We enjoyed the view.

Viewpoint.gif Sitting.gif

Interactive noticeboards

Who Mark
What Find/develop some large display boards that folk can add their own messages to.
Why A way to inform folk of what is going on (which will be important if we are focussing on processes and activities rather than creating physical things.

Provides an interactive and communicative tool.

When by Hmm - soon?!
Progress 4-Dec-06 Just started to explore
Further info See Interactive noticeboards in Second Life

Schome Educators' store room

Who Glyn
What Develop a room which only members of the Schome Educator group can enter
Why So we have a place we can store 'master copies' of things we have made so that they don't get lost.
When by Hmm - soon?!
Progress 4-Dec-06 Just started to explore

In-world web display

Who Terrence
What Find a way to display web pages inside SL - so that you don't have to go out to your browser
Why So folk can explore info in-world.
When by Hmm - soon?!

11-Dec-06 We've found out how to make a link to an external website that opens in your browser. Terrence is now going to explore whether there is a way to get the contents of a webpage to be displayed in-world (eg on a noticeboard in SL).

Further info See Web pages in Second Life

Second Life caves

Who All - need to sort out coordination. Suggest that we add ideas for caves/sequence to Second Life caves
What A series of underwater chambers that folk have to navigate through - an evolving adventure
  • So folk gain Second Life skills (eg have to move boulder to reveal tunnel to next chamber
  • Helping to provide coherence for other agreed projects
When by Hmm - soon?!

11-Dec-06 Added to agreed projects list. Some ideas of possible caves identified.

Further info See Second Life caves