3rd Schome Park regatta

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Welcome to the 3rd Schome regatta page.

This time we will be running a open race and a series with novice class, the series is 2 races over the 4, 2 on Saturday 2 on Sunday are being run, and extra points awarded for being at the regatta warm up session. Novice (silver) class will only be run if 3 or more people enter the regular class (namely silver class will only be running if there are 3 entrants in the gold class) you can not have entered any races in regatta before if entering the silver/novice class. Silver and gold will be on the same course all of which shall be published in due course. 4 courses shall be published any of the 4 may be used for any 4 of series races. For the series you must use the regatta sail boat. In the open race you may race any boat however the race officer will make a infomed decision on the winner depending on the boat (ie if a tako finishes in 4 mins and a jetski in 2:30 the take may well win as it has put in a better performance as regards speed) this rule may be changed at any point. Please sign up on the sign up pages below.

As well as prizes for the overall winners officers will decide the winner of the Siobhan SParker trophy for best sportsman/sportswoman; currently held by Martin SParker

Thank you and please sign up