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Amba SParker:
Has anyone else stopped receiving email notifications from the forum?

I’ve checked my settings and tried a number of different email addresses from both my forum accounts (Amba SParker and Shri), but am still not receiving notifications of PMs, replies to my posts and so on as I usually do.

KitKatKid Schomer:
Yeah, I checked my emails to see if I've recieved any personal messages and I hadn't. Came online about 2 minutes ago and I had recieved one. I also checked my settings and they're still how they used to be.

Fox Phlox:
Yes, I just came online and there was a message which Kit sent me yesterday afternoon - but it hadn't turned up in my email box.

Topper Schomer:
i have them switched off as i check here regularly and my forum email account is actually my parents, i am thinking setting it up on my personal email account,


I've got the same problem.

I've checked all the admin settings etc and they all look fine. I'm assuming this is something to do with the change of servers - I've emailed the server manager to ask him to look into it for us.



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