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As you may have noticed; we are now hosted on a new server with a new URL. So the forum is at etc etc. So update your bookmarks!

The down side to this is that links that are in forum posts are broken. So anything that reads will not work :( Feel free to fix these if you want  ::)

Also, the wiki now doesn't need the index.php bit in every URL, so that would have probably broken one or two things too!

Kathy Schomer:
Could you not have put an HTTP 301 "Moved Permanently" redirect in to make things work (like what you get if you try to access

And I still prefer to Not to mention that still doesn't resolve.

I"m not impressed. Although hooray for someone having finally figured out mod_rewrite.

It should redirect you if you follow a link to to i.e. not to the new location of the post but the main page. But, I have been told that that is only a temporary fix and after 90 days it will just go to a page not found page. Not really sure on the logic behind that.

Well I prefer /thing  lol 

Yeah, I wanted but was told I couldn't have it  :(

Kathy Schomer: has advantages - you can distribute it among servers easily, and avoid cookie collisions. It's also more in tune with the original purpose of subdomains. is distinctly lacking in advantages other than personal preferences. :P

--- Code: ---Redirect 301 /forum
Redirect 301 /wikiworks/index.php

--- End code ---

Put that in a .htaccess and leave it and it'll all magically work. :P

I do like the utterly random "works" being removed from "wikiworks".

We have things on different servers anyway.

Sadly I have absolutely no access to any config files, and I think the OU really likes their silly page of a child when you have a broken link. (Shouldn't you have a slash at the end of those redirects?  :P)

I figured that having just wiki (instead of wikiworks) would be more intuitive, and IF one day in the distant future the OU decides to use a different wiki software, that the link would still be ok. Does that make sense? It was a random idea with no real deep thought so it may have been a silly idea!


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