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SL Skills teaching
« on: January 26, 2007, 04:01:37 PM »
Some very crude sketches to illustrate a few ideas I had that might be other ways to improve initial skills.

Simplest one would be a 'slot the block in the hole' type activity.  I've illustrated this in 'logicgatechallenge', where the 'board' would visually look like the sketch with 'slots' where the gates are shown, requiring you to enter the correct logic gates (an assortment of which would be in a heap next to the board, it's about selecting the right shapes rather than understanding the meaning at this stage). 

'Minecarchallenge' requires the SLer to sit in the mine car and release the brake to get the car moving.  The SLer must apply the brake before the first 'missing rail section' and move the supplied track into place.  Brake off, carry on...  Similar rail tracks must be placed by rotation and resizing skills later on.

Both look for alternative interactive ways to develop SL skills (such as moving, rotating and resizing objects).

(the logic gate type one has further potential, as you could always have a 'programmed' board that allows you to create your own logic circuits, with an automated table showing what the outputs would be for the circuit you designed - but that's not really the point of this post)
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