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Introductions / Hello all - introducing myself on here
« on: September 26, 2008, 04:40:41 PM »
Hi All,

Ive met some of you in Open Life but thought I would introduce myself here!

my name is ThePlague though 'plague' is fine (dont ask - its a 'Hackers' (the film) thing!) 

Im currently doing a whole host of courses with the OU though am just finishing off M150, though i have an exam for DD203 in October as well (any fellow DD203 students in here??)   Have to say, loving every minute of it. 

Im not online that often but when I am I like to spend some time in Open Life - Second Life is still a little new on me and its confusing as hell.  Id love to learn more about the complexities of it, particularly the scripting elements and building side.  If there are any events that deal with that I would love to get involved!

Nice to meet everyone anyway and I hope to see you all in world!!

All the best,
Plague :)

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