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Schome discussions / New tagline
« on: December 07, 2008, 06:43:07 PM »
I wasn't sure whether or not to post this - but I've spoken to Peter and the images have been on the wiki for a few days now.

The Schome tagline  -  "not school, not home, Schome, the education system for the information age" has been changed to "schome - the education system for the learning age." Therefore, there are new logos to be used, that are the same size as the old ones. They can be found on the wiki and below. We should probably be updating any wiki pages with the old logos.

I know that the "h" looks distorted, I'll have to have another look at it and see why that happened. As a reminder, I've also posted the colours used in the logo below:

'OU Violet': RGB 133,111,179 Hex #856FB3
'OU Orange': RGB 239,104,32 Hex #EF6820

Living and learning safely with the net / Web 2.0 News stories
« on: November 11, 2008, 07:17:48 PM »
I thought I'd create a thread for people to post with links or snippets from stories instead of creating loads of them.
The BBC has a report on their site on how the economic downturn will cause problems for social networking sites and other web 2.0 applications.

The economic downturn will not sound the death knell for Web 2.0 firms say analysts and experts. But, they warn, tough times are ahead and to weather the downturn Web 2.0 must grow up focus on real problems.

Schome discussions / FINAL CALL for all MySchome articles
« on: October 21, 2008, 06:26:11 PM »
Hi all,

if any of you are writing an article for MySchome can you please get them to me by Saturday? I'd really like to get this edition out soon - and any more articles are welcome. If you've been to London for Y Factor or Glasgow for the Space Competition I'd really like to get some more articles on them no matter how long so we can get a really good account of the two trips :)



Schome Park Projects / MySchome 2
« on: September 15, 2008, 05:35:48 PM »
Hi Schomers, (I could really do with a board for MySchome - there're threads everywhere lol!)

MySchome, the Schome magazine is back and I'm looking for people to write articles to be included. As previously mentioned in other boards MySchome is now open to anyone involved in any way with Schome. Articles can be on anything, and of any length.
The deadline for articles is:  Wednesday 15th October.SUBJECT TO CHANGE!
Are you involved in any other extra-curricular activities? What have your experiences of SP been? How has SP helped you personally - has it at all?

If you are writing an article then Schomers can send a Personal Message containing the title/subject of your article to me.

Thanks in anticipation!

Mars  ;)

SchomeBase discussions / MySchome magazine articles: calling SchomeBase
« on: September 15, 2008, 05:32:44 PM »
Hi SchomeBase-ers,

as previously mentioned the Schome magazine, MySchome is now open to anyone involved in any way with Schome. I'm now looking for people to volunteer to write an article - it can be on anything, and of any length. Some suggestions: what got you involved in Schome/SchomeBase? What are you up to on SchomeBase?

The deadline for articles is:  Wednesday 15th October.SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

If you are writing an article then please forward a Personal Message containing the title/subject of your article to me through PeterT. For child safety reasons I can't let you speak to me in private  ::)

Thanks in anticipation!

Mars  ;)

SchomeBase discussions / MySchome now open to SchomeBase residents
« on: September 11, 2008, 05:14:03 PM »
Hi all,

I am now opening up MySchome, the Schome magazine to residents of SchomeBase. I think sharing information from both the main grid and teen grid of Second Life will both attract a bigger audience and will also be interesting to read each others' views etc.

If you are interested in writing an article on anything, no matter how small, please let me know by sending me a personal message. For those who don't know, there's a little square under my name to the left of this message - click on it :)

Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions feel free to post here or contact me.


Time Explorers / Virtual seabed archaeology (BBC)
« on: September 11, 2008, 04:34:31 PM »
People will soon be able to operate their own virtual submersibles to explore hidden treasures at deep underwater archaeological sites.

Shipwrecks and their priceless cargoes remain under threat from erosion, deep-sea trawling activity and looting.

The Venus project team has generated 3D digital records of underwater European shipwrecks that can act as a permanent record of these sites...

Media (making) / WANTED: Journalists for MySchome edition 2
« on: September 07, 2008, 03:11:38 PM »
MySchome is back - and it's aiming to be bigger and better than before.

I'm currently looking for anybody who's interested in helping to write an article
or provide ideas for articles. If anbody who's going to be taking part in phase
4 wants to write an article based on the thing they're writing up that would
be great. Also if anybody has any notices or reminders for that page that would
also be good.

If you intend to write an article or have any advice please PM me so I know what's
going on :)

Thanks in anticipation,


Reflection and forward planning / MySchome report
« on: September 02, 2008, 04:56:03 PM »
MySchome was mentioned in this board earlier, and I thought those that were involved in the production of it (and also those that weren't) could come together and help the staff write things up by producing a report evaluating MySchome. My thoughts so far for this include:


-what are its aims?

The Schome Park Programme:

- what was it?
-how did it start?
- who was involved?
-what activities did we engage in?

MySchome summary:

-what was it?
-what topics were covered?
-how did the project begin?

Personal development?

-what personal skills were developed when writing/producing the magazine? (Refer back to the Knowledge Age Skills?)


-who became involved?
-why did these people become involved?
-who was the target audience?


-what the idea a success?
-what were the reactions of the target audience?
-would a second edition have been possible?

All of these ideas need expanding however. Would anybody like to get involved and help write something up? There's no obligation to participate if you helped out with the produection of the magazine, and if you didn't write an article your views and responses are very welcome. :)

Schome discussions / MySchome
« on: August 01, 2008, 07:24:42 PM »
I know I said that I would be making another issue, but I think it's going to be hard for people to find something to write about whilst Schome Park is closed. So I had the idea of a smaller thing, that would go on the wiki and could be updated every month, sort of like a monthly round up of everything schomey.

I wondered if this would work, or if it would detract or duplicate the main page. Perhaps we should focus on updating that more often instead? If we do go ahead with the smaller mySchome - it'd be great to get the nOUbie centre folk working with us :)

What do you think?

Time Explorers / Continuing Archaeology and history
« on: June 04, 2008, 04:29:03 PM »
I was wondering, seen as Time Explorers became one of the most popular events when SP was open, does anyone have any ideas as to how we could continue it? We could use flash meetings - but this would require one of the OU staff to set one up every Monday and Friday. We could use MSN I suppose - any more ideas?

Time Explorers / This is confusing...
« on: May 18, 2008, 03:17:29 PM »
...having two strands called Time Explorers and Time Travellers - they're so close together in the name! I do know my own strand Kit! (:P) - I think we should have a rethink re names - or is that too much hassle cos of plots in world etc?

Time Explorers / On this day...
« on: May 18, 2008, 01:34:08 PM »
I thought it might be of interest to some, seen as Archaeology are currently looking at Vesuvius, that on this day in 1980, the volcano Mount St. Helens erupted, killing 57 people in southern Washington State, reducing hundreds of square miles to wasteland, and causing over a billion U.S. dollars in damage. (Wikipedia)

Schome Park Projects / Magazine edition 2
« on: May 14, 2008, 05:52:20 PM »

Was wondering (cos I'm creating the new template for this edition) whether or not we should include hyperlinks in this edition. Last edition I just included text for the URLs, eg typed in (Which didn't link anywhere)

Because the mag is being hosted online, and you view it online (unless you download it - which incidently, what does it open in if you download it?) would it make more sense to include hyperlinks?

Please vote on the poll, and we'll see what the general consensus is. Thanks :)

Schome Park Events / Newsletter team
« on: May 14, 2008, 04:13:25 PM »
Will everyone be available on Saturday for a meeting? If you could give me some times when you can attend (in SL) I'd be very grateful! :)

I'm keen to talk about how articles are going, take some images etc and talk about how to push this idea further - make it even better!

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