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: Hi
: PetraIsabell June 29, 2011, 11:10:53 AM
Hi I'm new to the forum and looking forward to learn more. I'm an OU student, worked in education and am a home educating parent.
: Re: Hi
: PeterT July 01, 2011, 02:27:37 PM
Welcome PetraIsabell. Had hoped someone else would emerge and say hi, but maybe I have been more successful than I thought in winding things down. (The last funded project associated with the forum closed in May 2008 - and my focus has shifted due to getting a couple of substantial grants from the DCSF and then DfE (£5.65 million in 2009 and £2.5 million in Feb this year) to work on Vital (see ( My hope when Vital started was that I would be able to incorporate schomey stuff within Vital - but alas that proved a bit of a challenge (seen as too risky/left field). I still live in hope ...

Anyway - welcome ...
Feel free to edit the wiki and/or post in here ...