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: Hi, im baso.
: Baso Schomer April 24, 2008, 11:22:40 AM
Hey, i havent been on in a while , and ltos have changed so ill introduce myself again .

Im baso, i was an original member of SPi, back i nthe old days.
I was the original mass builder, and founded my very own housing developement on the third day.
I then continued to build, often helping people with theres along the way. I think the Baso Sky Estate lasted about a month or so, and was demolished to form my original SkyHigh.

Skyhigh has many pictures available on the wiki and to date was my largest project, even being rebuilt several times in SPi, and i may even attempt to reform it in the current SPiii.
The Original SkyHigh: (
The reformed (and most recent) SkyBase: (
Sky High was also the venue for the staff party and the wedding party.
Sky Chapel was also the venue for the wedding :D

SkyBase was a very technological advanced place and was indeed my home for many times. IT was at the brink of technology , Causing lots of controversy over its scripting capabilities and when SPii came into life, the memories just faded into extinsion.

My next major project was perhaps the Black Stallion, and not much is recorded of that. It was the home of the most advanced bots on the sim and was the original birthplace of my holodecks. Black stallion was home to elevators, clocks, web hosting, lots of things, but again, that died with the times.

MY most recent major project was probably SPTC, and indeed, ask animus, that caused mass arguments, and fall outs over design etc, but we got threw it. Unfortunatly that also is turning into just another sign  of the times (miss jones :P ( from blood brothes))

Now, my current project is a redevelopement of SkyBase, though hopefully on the ground. Probably renamed: The Base. IT will include technologies, information, tutorials, videos, clothing and lots of gadgets. I hope to use plot ten for this and it really will look outstanding by time im done.

Anyway, thats my projects, now about my personality.

Im fun and i like to help you out with anything, ask anyone, theyll tell you the same about me.
ANother point, i have zero tolerance for weapons, and if you do not take it off when i ask, i will be obliged to report you and take further actions.

Uhmm, im 14 in rl and i have vast knowledge in all second life aspects.

I like to film, act, design, build, texture, script, potentially anything.

Im an orginal member of the THS and a member of the SCHOME Space Team :D

I think thats it, youll prbably get to know more and more as you get to know me. Anyway;
Hi, im baso :D
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Fox Phlox April 24, 2008, 12:48:11 PM
Hi Baso,
Now that's what I call an introduction  :)
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Baso Schomer April 24, 2008, 02:50:42 PM
What can i say....thats only half of the history of baso :P

(ie thats only the major parts....just imagine al lthe small things ive done and made....youd still be reading it nex year :P)
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Kali Schomer April 24, 2008, 06:09:11 PM
Hi Baso

It's ben a while :)
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Miss. Vibia April 24, 2008, 06:25:32 PM
Hi Baso, I'm Vibia.

I can be your buddy. I'm sure you will need some help to learn how things work, especially the building!  ;) :P
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: An¡mus April 24, 2008, 06:26:48 PM
Hi Baso,
Now that's what I call an introduction  :)

Yes, some of it could even be considered fact lol

I like the bit about your "zero tollerence for weapons" from the person who had a weapon that would shoot you to 4,000,000 m in the sky or something ridiculous and wouldn't get rid of it
I'm not sure that post is little more than obnoxious gloating, but welcome back ;)

LOL Vibia are you totally blonde? :P
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Miss. Vibia April 24, 2008, 06:45:02 PM
LOL Vibia are you totally blonde? :P

Or, I'll let you into a secret.... I could have been joking, or there is another version.... SARCASM!  ::) :P
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Baso Schomer April 25, 2008, 07:31:25 AM
no i just genereal ly think she thinks im nwe...either that or theres been osme space time rift, or more likely, she does that on every message in introductions :P
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Fox Phlox April 25, 2008, 08:30:00 AM
Or it could be that the original Baso has not returned, but that Doctor has set up an AI using information from the real Baso's postings, and is trying to fool us into thinking that it is the real Baso.

In that case, Vibia would immediately have spotted Doctor's cunning plan!

Can you prove you are Baso and not an AI creation of Doctor's  ::)
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: PeterT April 25, 2008, 10:39:39 AM
Welcome back 'person' claiming to be Baso - you have me fooled if you are actually a bot ...    ;)

: Re: Hi, im baso.
: An¡mus April 25, 2008, 03:11:14 PM
voice chat might prove it ;)

Welcome back, do something interesting before schome closes or I will hurt you! :) >:D

NB We know he doesn't mean it!  ::)
: Re: Hi, im baso.
: Miss. Vibia April 25, 2008, 07:30:07 PM
Space time rift.... interesting. I miss Doctor Who tomorrow! :o :'( At a 10 hour gig!  ;)

Or, Baso, like the secret I let Animus into... I could have been joking...  :P