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A group of folk were thrown together at the FutureLab 14 to 19 event on the 21st April 2005 in Sheffield. Together we came up with the idea for Wikied.

The idea we came up with was for a collaborative working environment (yes a wiki) that had additional 'tools' to support assessment (which might be peer assessment).

The rationale/problem

We started by exploring the assessment problem, which lead into a discussion of the curriculum problem. We identified that we needed to find a way to assess learning that overcame the assessment problem and the curriculum problem. An example of how these problems have been overcome is the assessment of academics in higher education. Members of the group were interested in the extent to which peer-review might offer a solution. This led on to a discussion of collaboration and and issues surrounding group assessment. This in turn lead to some discussion of wikis, which fairly rapidly gelled into the notion of enhancing a wiki shell (eg Mediawiki) to add peer-review options.

The design idea

The basic idea was to add another tab to a wiki (we were using MediaWiki as our starting point). This tab would be called something like 'Evaluation' or 'Review'. When you clicked on it you would be presented with a panel that:

  1. provided a summary of the evaluation ratings so far
  2. enable you to add an evaluation rating

The system would support two different kinds of ratings:

  • a rating of the product (which might mean the article or a physical product that was described in the article
  • ratings of the process of developing the product

The ratings of the process would need to be able to:

  • distinguish between different participants in the process (ie have different ratings for each participant)
  • include seperate sub-ratings for relevant skills involved in the process (eg communication, team work, problem solving, etc)

It should be possible for an unlimited number of people to make ratings, and there should be an overall rating which was based on an amalgamation of all the ratings by different individuals. The system would need to be able to weight ratings based on the status (level within the system?) of the person making the judgement - resulting in a summative rating of the product, and summative ratings of the process for each person (which included summative ratings of the relevant component 'skills').

Check out Media:Wikied initial design.jpg for a photo that shows the poster that we created - in somewhat of a hurry - to summarise our thinking and the design idea.

We are playing with the Wikied mockup in order to help us refine our thinking - and would appreciate your thoughts/input.