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13 June 06 changing the school day

Kerry's thoughts - Aspire Pilot TeamUser:Kerry

Hi Steve, Dan, Josh, Jak and Dan This is a slightly different question to Anna's below, and you may want to deal with hers before you think about this, but, do you remember the conversation that I had with you all when I came to Plymouth about changing the school day for a day? We talked about you trying to create a different space to get people learning in - maybe transforming the school hall for a day. We also raised the question of what might be different about the learning experiences that you ran in that different space. Have you had any more thoughts as a group about either how you would transform the space (the feel, the look of it) and what you might want people to learn that's different from school today? This links to the ideas that Peter has put forward below....happy provoking!

11th June 06 - Provoking Action! User:Arc3

Thoughts from Anna Craft in the ASPIRE Pilot Core Team

Like Peter I like the idea of trying out changes and seeing how they work. Starting with what you know and changing it gradually is a great way of moving towards building something that none of us know! It is also something which other students and schools could try.

Of the three things you are concentrating on they seem to build up one from the other:

  1. Making subtle changes
  2. Changing the school day for a day
  3. Trying out an alternative model of school

Can you share with those of us logging in to these pages:

  1. Some of the subtle changes that you are thinking of, and
  2. How you are persuading the teachers at St Boniface's to try them out too ...

That way you are both provoking and offering some practical suggestions which others can try too.

What do other people think?


10th May 06 @ 6:10 BST PeterT

I really like your ideas about trying out 'different' school days to see what they are like. Of course the killer is going to be

  • how to do that, particularly if you want lots of folk to be able to join in
  • whether one day will be long enough to get a real feel for what it would be like

Then I had some thoughts:

  1. How about arranging day trips to other schools (such as a democratic school or a small school or a Reggio Emilia school)?
  2. What about visiting a home schooler or inviting a home schooler to come into StB's to discuss their ideas with you?
  3. If a day trip is not enough then perhaps we could set up discussions (video conference, skype, MSN, email) with folk who are being educated in some of these 'alternative ways'

If you are interested in adjusting your school day - and want to get around the issue of one day being long enough - and can get all the necessary permissions from the school and parents - then what about trying flexi-schooling?

I believe that there are several schools in the UK - some in the Exeter area that do things like:

  • do away with timetables (in the sense of classes go to Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc) and instead children work on their own personal learning plans - they study independently much of the time (though often still in school).
  • have mixed age groups working together - they don't groups students by age.
  • do away with 60 minute lessons - students work on projects for days or even weeks at a time - but still follow The National Curriculum - a bit like what StB's did in Mission Week I suspect, except they do it most of the time.

Do any of those ideas help?