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17th July

Oops, not written here for a while. So, what's been going on in Trix's Second Life? Well, I've been in a few times just to chat (which always seems to be cut abruptly short by my computer deciding to die on my); not getting in regularly means there is a lot to catch up on when I do get in - it's like going away for months, and then coming back to catch up with old friends. There are times when I wish I could get in more often; I'd love to have a buddy with one of the new members, and there are a lot of interesting sessions going on, but I'm doing my best to help out on the forum (although it would help if people posted up pictures of the builds they are talking about in B+PP, so those of us who can't get in can still see what they look like).

It seems like more people are having trouble getting into SL now - I think it's because of all the updates that keep being added, making the required spec higher and higher, and some people's computers just can't cope anymore. It's a shame, but that's technology for you. At least we still have the wiki and forum, so we don't feel completely left out.

I went in for a while on Friday to attend the sudoku session; it was something I couldn't miss because I love sudokus, and the way it was set out was very clever - we were all given a set of number blocks to position using the edit menu. I also watched Daisy play this new game which involves rolling a prim down a slope - I was going to have a go but then I disappeared. Next time I'm in, maybe.

2nd July

Went in today to find everyone in the process of worshipping Woop...or at least, that's what they told me. Woop seemed to have some new wings and some new dance moves too, and wanted to show them off...


Woop dancing...
...and again (he was dancing for a long time...)
Worshipping Woop, God of...something
Apparently we weren't allowed up the hill...

1st July

Gosh, I don't think I've actually tried to get into Schome Park for about a week, which is pretty amazing considering how addicted I was before all my computer troubles started. However, because I can't get in so frequently, I've gone back to doing a lot of play-by-post RPing which keeps me and my fingers pretty occupied, as well as keeping up to date on the forum and wiki. However, I went in today, partly because Hapno wanted me to see his catacombs, and just to generally 'see' everyone.

The catacombs are amazing - they're absolutely massive, however, but inside they look fantastic and Hapno obviously spent a long time on them. I will put up some pictures once I've sorted them out, because I took quite a few today. They're really well-built and I like the balcony too, which has a lovely view over Scholympia.

Four of the schomics I made are up in the new media centre, which brings more fame for Trix which is great :P. Rather disturbingly, I also noticed a Macdonalds' 'M' sign in the sandbox, and was told that someone was planning to ask for permission to build a Macdonalds. Don't we have enough fast food places in real life without needing one in SL too? I'd definitely be against that, were it ever to go through.

I didn't see any of the new people, which was a bit of a shame because I'd like to meet them, but there's still time. Pictures will be up later...


Sorry for the delay in getting these up...

And the sun is setting over SPii
Isn't it pretty?
The chandelier in the catacombs. Very nice
And how on earth did I end up here?
And Trix has fame!

24th June

Well, an exciting day today (sort of) :P. First off, I (along with about 20 other SParkers) became a Hawiian Shirt, which doesn't mean that I was turned into one of those interesting shirts, but that I've been active/around a lot/posted too much/something like that...and then the spelling got changed to Hawaiian Shirts, which really makes it sound like we were all turned into bright items of clothing. Although I've refused to wear a Hawaiian shirt (partly because opening my inventory tab may very well crash my SL viewer), but I've compromised and said that if someone wants to make me a Pixxiee wand with a Hawaiian texture, I'll use that!

I went in world earlier, and had a nice fly around trying to work out where everyone was (and who was there, since last time I clicked on my friends tab, I crashed...) and had a very nice, but obviously random chat with Ranger, Hapno, Deci and Faz, and met Spiral inworld for the first time, although we've already spoken on the forum. The Hawaiian Shirts became an inworld group too, with first the oh-so-exciting title of 'member'...until Ranger changed it to 'luv hawaiian shirts', which was almost as bad. Finally settled on 'THS' which reminds me of something, but I can't think what...

Forum and wiki-wise (since I'm spending much more time on them than inworld, I think they merit a mention in my bliki, which is ever-so long already and I've only been writing in it for a week...that's what comes of being a writer, folks...BTPAY thread got deleted a few days ago, which decreased my post count considerably :(. Debates still rage (but are under control) about the Scho-op and Second Steps, which seems like it's never going to be resolved because it's just taking sooo long. On the wiki, the Schome Park Dictionary has had loads of new entries, and is seemingly becoming very popular. It's why I love words, really ;).

And yet another mile-long entry is concluded. I should write less, but writing is fun.

23rd June

I got in for a good 15-20mins today, and had a lovely conversation with Elsa, Deci and tried to convince Hapno that trousers are a good thing. So, that made me really happy, and apologies to Elsa, Hap and Deci because I disappeared when I was in the middle of a conversation with Elsa (explaining all about the fantastic Schome Park Dictionary) and about to TP Deci, and TP out to Hapno. Confusing, eh?

Anyway, talking about the SPD (the new, recognised acronym. Soon it's going to become like the OED and be universally recognised all over the world...or at least all over Schome Park...anyway, I was saying...) it really took off, since I only posted the idea yesterday. And already, all of the recent changes on the wiki are for it, and everyone seems to be thinking up new things to put in it. It's great. :) I think it's going to become a Schome Park legacy...or at least something extremely cool!

22nd June

Got in again this afternoon for a while. I took a lot of lovely pictures of the Japanese Garden which I'll post up as soon as I've sorted them out. I've got this tactic of keeping my graphics program open at the same time as SL, hitting printscreen, pasting and saving the image as it is as quickly as possible, in case I disappear at any moment. Then I can go back and edit the pictures later, when I'm not at risk of disappearing of the edge of the metaverse. It seems to work pretty well, all in all, because I've got a nice little 'SPii' photos sub-folder (my main SL photos folder contains something like 300 pictures...I am a bit snap happy...).

And then the inevitable struck. The computer hung, and though wiggling the mouse frantically and pressing ctrl+alt+delete many times, Trix experienced another crash. Actually, I'm kinda used to it now, which is not to say that it's not really irritating, but I just force my computer off and restart, and hope I haven't lost too much stuff. Normally all fine, although my internet is being really slow lately and taking forever to load pages, which is annoying. Maybe it's because I have too many FireFox tabs open at once...

And then I tried to get in this evening - there were about three things scheduled (all at the same time) which I wanted to go to, and though Woop kindly offered me a teleport to one of the meetings (not sure which one though) it hung, although I managed to close it without crashing my whole computer, so I reopened SL and crashed properly, just for fun. Well, not really for fun, but I wanted to go to the meetings (the SPii TV one sounded really interesting, not that I'd be much help in-world at the moment), although it was obviously not meant to be.

Today's Pictures

A selection of the pictures I took today (using my lovely, foolproof method). I really need to find something to do with the rest of the pictures I have...hmm...

The interior of the Blue Mango. I personally really like the Blue Mango...especially since the chairs are pink!
The pagoda in the Japanese Garden. It's really nice and tranquil there (although I didn't manage to make the E&P session...
Part of the Japanese Garden. Again, it's a really nice, naturey area of SPii
And the volcano. Luckily for me it wasn't erupting, really...

19th June

Well, I got in for quite a while today, which is great. I'm slowly getting all the staff as friends again under their new avatars. I think I've got everyone so far, though it's entirely possible that there's someone else I've missed. It's also really great to 'meet-up' with everyone again; I had a nice conversation with Euphloozie, Flio and Hapno today, as well as briefly seeing Mars and Explo.

I took a lot of nice pictures today, and I'll upload some of them once I've edited them and sorted them out. So yes, all in all, pretty pleased. I won't try and go in again this evening because I'll probably just crash which will make this visit seem less great. But there's always tomorrow.

Pictures from today

Fame for me at last! My lovely schomic about Ranger seems to be of the wall of the Blue Mango. Great!
Well, Euphloozie has changed her appearance quite a lot in the shift between avatars. Quite scary, really...
I really like this picture of the temple in SPii...maybe this is my artistic side coming out!
And concluding the pictures for today, the Hawaiian Shirt beach hut. Whoever thought of that name?!

17th June

I got in! Whoo! I finally got in for long enough to have a full tour of the island. It looks great. I really like the Japanese Garden and the temple (complete with Woop Window), and I also think the lighthouse fits in well. There's lots of space for everyone to get stuck in to building - Second Steps and the Scho-op have both gone up and though they look great, I'm a little worried by the fact that they're both complete buildings which hasn't taken into account the conversations about keeping things relatively open on the forum, and also there's no sign of merging SS and the Scho-op, which personally I think is a good idea because the two are very similar. Discussions about it continue on the forum.

There's lots of open space for us all to develop as we want (as long as it has been discussed thoroughly on the forum), and I love the river that goes round most of the island. I really love how it's all open - I swear the island has got bigger - because it is much nicer for the avatar's eye, and it's not littered with a load of concrete blocks (it wasn't like that in SPi, but there's been a lot of debate about open vs. closed, and personally, I think open builds would be more sympathetic to the environment). Having said that, even the buildings that I'm not too sure about have been done well, and I'm sure the break has made everyone's building skills better, somehow.

However, I decided it was probably best not to push my luck, and after having seen everything (it's nice to be able to fly and not bash into several hundred builds 100m up or so) and chatted to people again (it's like coming back from the dead, I swear - "Trix is here!" "Trix got in!" - great to know I'm loved! :P) I logged out. I may try again this evening, or tomorrow afternoon, depending what else I find to do.

Even though I got in today, I think it's going to be pretty tempremental, so I still think I'm going to be hanging around the forum and wiki more than in-world, because it's so unpredictable I can't do anything much, and I'm still likely to crash. I just hope people carry on using the forum in the same way as it's been used during the break, because it was used a lot then to discuss everything (there was a debate going on in-world today that perhaps could be discussed on the forum) and it means that everyone gets a chance to contribute whether they can get into SL or not.

Wow, this is a long entry. I hope my userpage has space, because it's pretty long already. I may have to start a bliki page...

16th June

Well, I decided it was high time I wrote about my exploits in Schome Park in one place, so this section of my userpage (which is getting extremely long...) is going to be my bliki. Or at least, it will be when I remember to write in it...

And I made it in!

Well, yesterday was the grand opening of SPii. After a few problems with logins, PeterT managed to change my settings so I could get into the the ceremony - fashionably late, of course! The island looks fantastic, and there's lots of potential for us to make it really great. I love the beach hut, and there's a dolphin in the sea by the beach (though I think it's a bit lonely and could do with having a friend or two. I had a quick look at the newly named Blue Mango too, which also looks great...and then I crashed. (That was really annoying because I wanted to look at the Japanese Garden and have a tour of the island).

I tried to get in again this morning, but I crashed as soon as everything had rezzed, so I still have some problems there, which is rather annoying. I'll probably try again later, see if it decides to work.