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The Indian in the cupboard (series)

Hi, This is my book review on 'The Indian in the cupboard' series. My favourite character is Omri.He gets a toy Indian and a white metal cupboard for his birthday and found a magical key in his mothers tin of keys that she collected when she was a young girl. he put the indian in the cupboard and turned the key and the Indian came to life then at the night time the Indian woke Omri by knocking on the door of the cupboard then Omri got out of bed and opened the cupboard.The Indian thought that Omri was a god and he would kill him, he put darth vader and a t.rex in the cupboard and then turned the key and they came to life and they fought.Then Omri found out that the key was making the toys come to life. Then he got called down by his mother to have breakfast so Omri shut the door of the cupboard and locked it. Then he went to school, when he got to school he had a ordinary school day but at the end of school he ran home as fast as he could when he got home he opened the cupboard and the Indian was plastic again. He was extremely sad that the Indian had turned back in to plastic. So he locked the cupboard again and had dinner and went to bed but once again,The Indian woke Omri by knocking on the door of the cupboard. But this time Omri asked the Indian what his name was the Indian said that his name was Little bear,then Omri asked Little bear if he couldpick him up,but Omri did nt wait for a answer so he just tryed to pick him up so LIttle bear cut Omri with his little knife,but Omri just laughed and said that he was not going to hurt him so Little Bear gave Omri a chance and he picked him up and put him on his bed and then Omri got a tipi out andout it on his desk then picked up Little Bear and put him on the desk next to the tipi.Little Bear asked what it was so Omri said that it was a tipi and it was made of plastic and that he was going to change it into plastic and did so then put it on the desk them Little Bear said that the paintings were not of his tribe so he did not get in two the tipi but he was made to by Omri.Omri got called down for school but OMri got everything that Little Bear needed including the seed tray that his dad had put seeds in but Omri did not know that his dad had put the seeds in the seed tray so he put it down on the floor with all the other stuff that he had tacken from things like sticks from a tree and bark from the same tree.This was only for Little Bear to make a longhouse to live in.Then he finally came down to his sreeming mother,he ran so fast that his mother did not have time to tell him off.After school he ran home and Little Bear had almost completed the longhouse he was very impressed.Little Bear asked for some food and drink so Omri ran down stairs and got a little tiny cup for the water and then went back up stairs and gave him the water and said that he will give some chicken after