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Contact us

If you wish to contact anybody related to MySchome then please follow the links below. Some of the links lead to the forum, and to contact that person you must have a forum account.

Editor: Mars Schomer

Reporter: Vibia Schomer

Reporter: Topper Schomer

Reporter: AeroDragonX Schomer

Reporter: Gaea Sparker

Reporter: Trixxiee Schomer


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What is MySchome?

MySchome is the magazine for the Schome Park Programme. It is created for the students (and staff!) by the students (and sometimes staff!). So far there has been only one edition, which included feature articles such as Trixxiee's tips, scrapbook and a piece from PeterT, programme coordinator. Look out for further editions!

Where can I get help?

I have an article...

If you have any suggestions for future articles, would like MySchome to cover a story related to schome or have an article to share with us please contact a member of the team.