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'''''Admin: Any chance of deleting this page please? I don't need it anymore. --[[User:Marsbar9 Schomer|Marsbar9 Schomer]] 20:39, 3 January 2008 (GMT)
==My understanding of Scripts==
Ok, so I am no expert on scripting, but I wanted to help people who are in my situation (never having scripted before SL!!!). Today I made my first ever script, even though it was the touch to say something (hello world) script.
I'll add more to this as I go along, so keep coming back.
===Starting off===
''This section breaks up a slightly modified '''touch to say something (hello world script)'''''
The very basic to making a script, is actually getting the interface to make it. To do this, go to '''inventory > create > new script'''. Rename this script and double click to open it.
Next, you need to know that all scripts begin with the word '''default''' and then on the next line a  '''{'''. All scripts end with a '''}'''.
So far you need to have the following:
So now you need to add the state - basically, what is this script going to do in this particular part?
If you look below I have added in some common states - but there are hundreds!
So we want the script to activate on touch, so we use
Include this after the '''{''' in your script, and then '''(integer total_number)'''so you will now have:
    touch_start(integer total_number)
You now need a '''{''' to say that part is over. Next, we want the script to make the object say something - and the state we use is
===Common States===
==My examples of Scripts==
==Additional links (both internal and external)==

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Admin: Any chance of deleting this page please? I don't need it anymore. --Marsbar9 Schomer 20:39, 3 January 2008 (GMT)